A Level results: Oxdown School


By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th August 2013, 3:11 pm


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Yorkshire Post A-level results key

Grade A passes marked by an asterisk (*); Grade A-star passes marked by two asterisks(**).

Accounting - account; Ancient history - anc history; Applied art and design - apld art and des; Applied art and design (dble award) - apld art and des2; Applied business - apld busi; Applied business (dble award) - apld busi2; Applied ICT - apld ict; Applied ICT (double) - apld ict2; Applied performing arts - apld perform arts; Applied science - apld sci; Arabic - arab; Archeology - arc; Art - art; Art and Design - art and des; Bengali - beng; Biology - biol; Biology and Human Biology - biol and hum biol; Business Studies - busi studs; Chemistry - chem; Chinese - chin; Classical Civilisation - class civil; Communication Studies - com studs; Computing - comp; Critical Thinking - crit think; Dance - dance; Design and Technology - des tech; Drama and theatre studies - dram and theat studs; Economics - econ; Economics and business studies - econ and busi studs; Electronics - elect; English Lang - eng lang; English Lang and Lit - eng lang and lit; English lit - eng lit; Environmental Science - environ sci; Film studies – film; Fine Art – fine art; French - fren; Further Maths - frth maths; General studies - gen studs; Geography - geog; Geology - geol; German - germ; Government and politics - gov and polits; Graphics communication - graphic com; Gujerati - guj; Health and Social Care - health and soc c; Health and Social Care (double award) - health and soc c2; Human biology - hum biol; History - hist; History of art - hist art; Home Ec - home ec; ICT - ICT; Latin - lat; ; Law - law; Leisure studies - leis studs; Leisure studies (double award) - leis studs2; Maths – maths; Maths (further additional) – F A maths; Media Studies - med studs; Music - mus; Music technology - mus tech; Panjabi - panj; Performance studies - perf studs; Performing arts - perf arts; Philosophy - philos; PE – pe; Photography - photy; Physics – phys; Product Design – prod des; Psychology - psychol; Religious Studies – rel studs; Russian - russ; Science - sci; Science in Society - Sci Soc; Sociology - sociol; Spanish - span; Sport abd Physical Education - sport and pe; Statistics – stats; Textiles - textiles; Theatre Studies - theat studs; Travel and Tourism - trav and tour; Travel and Tourism (double award) - trav and tour2; Urdu - urdu