Just got your results? Selby College is here to help

Whether your child has just finished their GCSEs or is making the move into higher education, results day is always a time of mixed emotions.

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Wednesday, 21st August 2019, 8:12 am
Selby Colleges higher education and degree-level provision was recently named Best in Yorkshire for Overall Student Satisfaction

Years of hard work feel like they are culminating in just one day.

On the one hand, your son or daughter may be jumping for joy that they have done better than you or their teachers could have ever expected.

But sometimes, for all sorts of reasons, your child may not have achieved the grades they wanted.

Selby College will have a team of advisers ready and waiting at a number of secondary schools

The most important thing is not to panic. There is always a solution and unexpected results can lead to opportunities you never imagined.

Selby College’s higher education and degree-level provision was recently named Best in Yorkshire for Overall Student Satisfaction in the National Student Survey.

Principal Phil Sayles said: “We are delighted that the 2019 National Student Survey results prove what we at Selby College know – we help our students to achieve goals that help their careers and satisfaction in life.”

With such great support on offer, we teamed up with Selby College to put together this comprehensive guide to results day.


GCSE results – how do I access support?

Firstly, find out who will be available to speak to at the school or college on results day – Thursday, August 22.

Selby College, like many others, will have a team of advisers ready and waiting at a number of secondary schools to offer support and guidance.

You will also be able to pop in or make an appointment to speak to the support staff at the college or sixth form your child is planning on attending.

At Selby College, the student admin team helpline will be available for anyone who has any questions or is unsure if they have got the grades needed for their next steps. Simply call 01757 211040 or email info@selby.ac.uk to arrange a time to visit the college and make a new plan.

In many cases the team can get you sorted over the phone ready for enrolment later in the month.


A wide range of A Levels, vocational courses and apprenticeship routes are available to set your child on the right pathway whatever their results.

Even if your teenager is yet to decide what they want to do it is not too late to apply for September.

Most colleges accept applications right up until the start of term and, with apprenticeship routes having flexible starts, there is no pressure to make a decision.

Selby College’s enrolment begins on Tuesday, August 27. The First Year Welcome Day is on Monday, September 9, with the full timetable for all students starting on September 10.


What about higher education?

The same level of guidance applies as institutions across the country open their doors to students receiving their A Level or BTEC results on Thursday, August 15.

Curriculum staff and tutors will be at Selby College along with an expert exams team, so students can get the right advice straight away.

Tutors will be able to guide them through options such as UCAS Clearing if they don’t get the grades they expected, but also to advise them on their next steps if they have done better than hoped.

Students can apply for a course using Clearing until October 23 if they are not already holding an offer from a university or college and the course still has places.


University isn’t the only option

Did you know your son or daughter can continue to study for a higher education qualification at many regional colleges?

Selby College’s higher education team will be available on results day to talk about courses starting in September.

So, if your son or daughter needs to change their plans for university or just hasn’t made a decision about continuing to higher education, it’s not too late.

Student Matthew Duck has just completed a BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching and Exercise Sciences with Selby College.

He first began studying at the college in 2013 on a Level 3 BTEC course.

“Many factors influenced my decision to remain at college,” said Matthew.

“The help received from tutors is much more effective, something I feel is lacking at the larger universities.

“There are also a lot more opportunities to gain quality feedback on performance with assessments and presentations.”

While the majority of Selby College’s A Level students progress to universities, it has grown its higher education provision in recent years.


“Working with our partners, the University of Hull and University of Huddersfield, we provide high quality and affordable courses locally, to learners who are not able or who do not want to study away from home,” said Mr Sayles.

Flexibility is key to the college’s offering, providing opportunities that fit around day-to-day life and commitments at any point in a career.

“The course fees are lower than at a university, meaning I do not have to worry about falling into large amounts of debt with loans upon completion of the course, as well as being able to live much more comfortably throughout the academic year,” said Matthew.

Many students have completed their studies alongside demanding jobs and family pressures and at the end of all of the hard work, they have the opportunity to graduate in the picturesque Selby Abbey, surrounded by friends and family.

If you would like to speak to a specialist adviser about how a higher education course at Selby College can work for you, call 01757 211114 to make an appointment or email highereducation@selby.ac.uk.


Find out more

Selby College offers a wide range of A Level, vocational, apprenticeship, higher education, adult learning and professional courses, delivered both full and part-time.

For more information visit www.selby.ac.uk, call 01757 211040, or email info@selby.ac.uk.