How does clearing work - advice for students in Leeds searching for universities

Whether you didn't meet the grades, have only just decided to go to university or no longer want to go to your firm choice - clearing may be the best route for you.

Thursday, 15th August 2019, 11:23 am
You can still get a place at university through the clearing system.

So if you're a student in Leeds or want to come to a Leeds university, here is a guide which explains how clearing can work for you.

What is clearing?

Clearing is how universities fill spaces that they still have on their courses.

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You can still get a place at university through the clearing system.

The student finds a course with spaces still available and contact universities directly, to see if they will offer them a place.

Who can use clearing?

- People who are applying for university after June 30.

- People who didn’t receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)

- People who didn’t meet the conditions of your offers

- People who declined your firm place using the ‘decline my place’ button in track

How does Clearing work?

On the UCAS system, the track status will change to 'You are in clearing' or 'Clearing has started.'

If you are not registered on UCAS, you will need to register and make an application and then UCAS will send you a welcome email.

Then, once on UCAS, you can search for vacancies - it is the only official vacancy list.

When you find a course you like, you must contact the university directly to try and secure a place.

Once you have permission from a uni you want to go to, you can add the course in track.

What if I cannot find the course I'm looking for?

UCAS advises considering different subjects and looking at joint honours courses - a mixture of subjects.

It also advises students to keep checking as more vacancies may become available later.

What do do when ringing universities?

UCAS said: "Before you add a clearing choice in track, call the uni and give them your clearing number and Personal ID, so they can look up your application.

"Ask if they'd accept you – they might reconsider you (maybe for the same course) even if you applied to them earlier in the year.

"Get informal offers over the phone – maybe from a variety of universities and colleges – then decide which one you want to accept.

How do I confirm my clearing offer?

Only add a clearing choice once you have permission from the university or college.

Click 'Add clearing choice', and fill in the course details by the date the university/college gave you on the phone.

This counts as you definitely accepting the offer, so if they confirm, it'll show as an acceptance on your 'Choices' page in track.

You can only add one choice at a time, but if the university/college doesn't confirm your place, you'll be able to add another.