Trying out a fitness regime good enough for the Royals

Trying out a fitness regime good enough for the Royals
Love Lagree is new to Leeds and Jordan Odu was keen to be put through his paces.

Anyone that knows me will know that I have a bit of a love-hate relationship when it comes to exercise, but then who doesn’t?

As such, I’m always looking for the fastest way to get results and burn off all the excesses that come with the work I do (yes, testing all the food and drink at Leeds best restaurants is a real job).

Enter Love Lagree, which is a unique fitness method that first gained notoriety amongst LA’s Hollywood elite for its high intensity and low impact full-body workout. The Love Lagree Leeds studio is the brand’s only UK studio outside of London, and it’s not to be missed if you’re pressed for time but serious about fitness.

Each class uses the innovative M3s Megaformer machine, which cleverly utilises slow resistance-based movements to tighten and tone your body from top to bottom. I’m not going to lie, this thing had me aching in areas I didn’t know existed at first, but the results come fast and had me hooked right away.

Clocking in at just 50 minutes, you can easily squeeze a Love Lagree session into your working day and you’ll be hard pressed to get similar results in such a short space of time.

Love Lagree is good enough for royalty.

Even Meghan Markle is in on it and called out their fitness method as ”the best thing for your body.”

If it’s good enough for The Duchess of Sussex, then it’s good enough for me. Perhaps my dream of rocking a God-like Adonis bod will finally come true… Why didn’t I get involved in this back in May?!

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