Showing off old school skills and strikes at Leeds’ new leisure venue Tenpin

Showing off old school skills and strikes at Leeds’ new leisure venue Tenpin
Tenpin Ltd - Warrington 08/18 Copyright - Richard Southall

Picture: Richard Southall

The Arena Quarter has come on leaps and bounds in the past 12 months and is fast becoming the city’s major family entertainment destination. This was further solidified recently when the old bowling alley was taken over and transformed by the Ten Entertainment Group.

They’ve given the tired old venue a makeover and the results are astonishing. Boasting 26 bowling lanes, state-of-the-art flat screen monitors and touch-screen technology, it’s a far cry from the AMF Bowl.

Picture: Richard Southall

I dropped in for a first look and rekindle my love for bowling, and have to say this took me back to my glory years as high school bowling champion! As you’d imagine, I wiped the floor with friends, too busy salivating over the burgers and nachos to focus on the game.

Picture: Richard Southall

Tenpin Leeds is also home to American pool tables, arcade games, table tennis and the UK’s only Foot Bowl Pitch. What I love about this place is it mixes modern technology with old-school vibes, making it perfect for both kids and adults that never grew up. Check them from Wednesday and look out for team Pink Gorilla’s bowling tournament in the new year.

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