Rolling into a Leeds summer of food and festivals

Rolling into a Leeds summer of food and festivals
Rolling into a Leeds summer of food and festivals
Jordan Odu rolling into summer

So, June has been a washout compared to last year, but it’s not stopped me from having my most epic summer to date.

Roundhay Park was the perfect setting for some fine Michelin Star pubs from Yorkshire and beyond. If gourmet gastro-pub grub, local ale and premium gin wasn’t enough, the music was off the scale. My favourite moment was Basement Jaxx bringing Saturday night to a close with a full-on party in my favourite park.

Speaking of festivals, who joined us at The Faversham for The Summer Cocktail Experience? I was super proud of the whole team, who put on my favourite event to date. We took everything inside last minute due to the rain, but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.

From Jakes Bar and Hedonist to Harvey Nicks and Rev De Cuba, each bar brought their own flavour and the evening ended with a packed dancefloor of hundreds of cocktail lovers. Look out for details dropping for our next event this October.

Summer 2019 has been all about guilty pleasures, first the Spice Girls and then Westlife in Leeds. You forget how many hits those lads had, and they raised the roof. A good night with a great bunch of mates and my mum who loved it.

Having recently commissioned an amazing piece of art for my kitchen by Leeds abstract street artist Nicolas Dixon, it’s amazing to catch his latest exhibition at Trinity. Dicko is a true local legend in the making, with his work on display in places such as Gron in Oakwood, and press praise from VICE to Marie Claire. Head down to the exhibition this month, his work is pure genius and we should always support our local talent.

Over at Pink Gorilla, we were behind another launch a week back. Tobacco Road is Leeds’s newest watering hole, perched next to Belgrave Music Hall and inspired by American dive bars and vintage pop culture. The party was awesome, with revellers enjoying everything from Old Fashioned cocktails to craft beer, and street food from Alley Cats in a pop-up kitchen.

Over at The Box Leeds (our office local), we’re hooked on the new Kebab Shop menu. With fillings that include my fave chicken, lamb and falafel, these gourmet kebabs are a far cry from your dirty 4am donner. Something else just opened that’s worth checking out is the new gin garden at Blackhouse. Perfect for an after work cocktail and where we’ll be hanging out to watch Wimbledon next week.

In other news, I’m super excited to be working with Leeds legends Tom Zanetti and Kane Towning on their secret new project and firm favourite Harvey Nichols on something special dropping this summer but you’ll have to wait until next month for the full details.

And, that just about wraps up another memorable month for me. Tonight, I’ll be heading to The Midnight Bell barbecue for some Yorkshire steak burgers and Cameron’s Brewery ale, before a weekend of central Leeds festivals.

Brewery Wharf Festival is tomorrow, and features my friends PBR Streetgang, music from The Rebel Sounds and the annual karaoke competition. There’s also a ton of street food vendors and cocktails galore from the likes of Oracle and 212.
Just across the bridge, Lamb & Flag is throwing its weekend-long festival in celebration of Glastonbury. The weather keeps promising to cheer up and even better news – both events are free……

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