Clocks of Leeds is up and running

Clocks of Leeds is up and running
Clocks of Leeds is up and running

BML Creative has launched a ‘microsite’ called to showcase some of the city’s most well known timepieces and some hidden gems.

The collection includes the Yorkshire Post Tower, the gold clock above Millennium Square and the Parkinson Building at the University of Leeds.

James Lodge, graphic designer at BML on Harehills Road, said: “Home to the famous Potts of Leeds, the city has a proud legacy in timekeeping. Therefore, it was only fitting that we celebrated the city’s clocks.

“The online gallery has been a really fun project to work on. It’s always nice to work on something with no constraints and experiment a little. I particularly love that we’ve been able to animate the clock faces, it’s a nice little touch which hopefully the odd person notices.”

Each clock displays the 
current time, and the collection is set to include some of 
the more unusual and hard to find clocks. BML plan to add to this collection on a regular basis and have already chosen the next round of clocks to be illustrated.

The clock images have also been released as art prints and are available to buy online from the BML charity print shop. All proceeds from the sale of prints will go to St Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds. Mr Lodge added: “It’s also great that the project will benefit the great people at St Gemma’s Hospice – an organisation close to all our hearts. Our charity print shop has been extremely popular since launch and it’s great that we can support local charities by giving up just a small amount of our time.”

The prints in the charity store were made by the BML designers in their spare time.

The clocks project also forms part of BML’s tenth anniversary celebrations.

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