Celebrating two decades of Leeds clubbing history at one mint club

Celebrating two decades of Leeds clubbing history at one mint club
Leeds clubbers will have many a memory (or not) in here.

Leeds clubbers will have many a memory (or not) in here.

Having spent a massive chunk of my hazy twenties on the dancefloor at Mint Club, when I heard they were to be no more, I have to say felt it in the pit of my stomach.

Admittedly, I can’t remember half of the time I spent in there, but the fond memories of the best parties, music and people will remain with me forever.

I attended dozens of nights in there, but my personal favourite and go-to Saturday night haunt was the legendary Asylum. The music was both eclectic and electric, always unexpected but off the chain every single time, spanning house, garage, disco, techno, RnB, soul and everything in between.

I was chuffed and somewhat comforted to learn that Asylum will be residing in Mint one last time on Saturday November 10 for an almighty send off, and the line-up looks, well, mint!

Baltimore trailblazer Maurice Fulton is topping the bill, and rightly so too. His sets are always full of surprises and his mixing skills are unbelievable, skipping effortlessly from genre to genre without missing a beat.

My good friends and Asylum residents PBR Streetgang and Andy Whittaker are two more familiar names on the bill, along with regular Luke Unabomber, ensuring this line-up is a worthy send off to one of the city’s most iconic clubs.

I’ll be dusting off my dance shoes, dropping some moves and I can’t wait to see some familiar old faces (and some of them really will be old by now!). I’ve already  booked half day holiday on the Monday after. For those that can’t make Asylum, Mint are running a handful of other nights up until late December when they close their doors for the final time.  You need to get involved for one last dance.

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