Owner of Get Baked announces return with new Headingley takeaway to open soon

The owner of 'Get Baked' has announced it is set return with a new Headingley takeaway.

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 4:45 pm

Get Baked is a dessert business founded from the kitchen of a home in Leeds in 2011.

Word of the company quickly spread across the city and globally, with more than 50,000 followers across their social media platforms due to their humorous posts and food pictures.

However, the business shutdown following what the owner described as an "unsuccessful" venture into the restaurant business with 'The Joint' in Leeds city centre.

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The owner of 'Get Baked' has announced it is set return with a new Headingley takeaway.

Now, the owner of the original Get Baked business has revealed his plans to reopen to the YEP.

The business is now set to open on 15 North Lane in the centre of Headingley - next door to the popular Headingley Taps.

The bakery will sell entirely made-in-house food, the owner said.

Responding to questions regarding the potential new menu, the owner said: "Our food offering will be changing quite often, probably bi-monthly.

"There are exceptions to this that’ll be sticking around forever but the majority will be seasonal.

"Please note, the menu will not be huge.

"Less is more.

"Everything we do will be considered, and for it to end up on the menu, a lot of time and thought will have gone into it.

The owner said he did not know exactly when the new premises will open.

However, he added: "Can’t wait to see you all.

"It’s almost exactly 10 years to the day since we originally launched Get Baked."

The announcement was greeted with hundreds of excited responses from Headingley residents.