Leeds shoppers react as HMV goes into administration

Music retailer HMV has gone into administration for the second time, confirmed owners Hilco Capital.

Friday, 28th December 2018, 1:40 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 2:29 am
Shoppers outside the HMV storein Leeds City Centre had mixed opinions about the administration announcement. Pictured: Richard Wood, Pudsey.

The decision will put 2200 jobs and 125 stores at risk, including the Leeds site.

This is the second time HMV has gone into administration. Back in 2013, the store was taken over by Hilco, a company which specialises in restructuring companies.

In a statement, Hilco said the new administration move is a result of a rapidly deteriorating DVD market.

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Shoppers outside the HMV storein Leeds City Centre had mixed opinions about the announcement. Pictured: Andy Clark, Castleford.

Shoppers outside the HMV store in Leeds City Centre had mixed opinions about the announcement.

Richard Wood, 37, customer service assistant, Pudsey, goes into the store quite a lot.

Mr Wood said: "I’ll definitely be sad if it goes. I like to look at what I’m buying and I prefer the physical copies to streaming online - I’m a bit old school.

Shoppers outside the HMV storein Leeds City Centre had mixed opinions about the announcement.Pictured: Sharon Hindle, Yeadon.

"You can get similar on Amazon or in the supermarket but they don't have as much range.

"Plus, As someone who works in retail, I do really feel for the staff because I know how hard it is now with online shopping."

Deepak Rahanu, 34, marketing manager, Leeds, said: "I know it sounds bad but it won’t really affect me. The high street isn’t convenient for me anymore.

"Today I came in to get my son a Harry Potter Funko Pop but they don’t have it in stock, whereas Amazon can send it to me next day delivery for a cheaper price.

"It will be a shame if it does close if people lose their jobs."

Sharon Hindle, 45, customer service assistant, Yeadon, said she will be sad to see a high street shop close, but she can easily shop elsewhere.

She said: "People don’t really buy DVDs and CDs anymore because they can stream it online.

"My son, Logan Hindle, 13, sometimes goes in for games and gift cards but we can get most of that in the supermarket now and they have a huge range."

Andy Clark, 49, banker, Castleford said: "I've been in the shop quite a bit since the last administration because it’s a bargain now.

"Usually it’s a shop that my son and I come into and we can browse for hours whilst my wife shops elsewhere. It’ll be odd to see it go."

Julia Farrar, 54, chef, lives in Majorca but has family across Yorkshire. She and her husband shop there every time they are in Leeds.

Mrs Farrar said: "It closing would definitely affect my husband because he listens to music all day every day. He often finds records in there that we just couldn’t get online.

"I can always guarantee I’ll find him a Christmas or birthday present in there. In Majorca we have all local shops, no one buys online. It's sad to see it close because we should all support the high street stores."