Insulating houses with cork could reduce energy bills

With gas and electricity prices rising dramatically, British homeowners are desperately seeking new solutions to minimise the burden and keep their energy bills manageable. But what are the options available, and can you really put measures in place to futureproof your home, ensuring it stays well insulated and looking its best for years to come?

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Friday, 24th June 2022, 7:00 am
SprayCork modernises the look of pebbledash, stone and brick, all while providing extra insulation
SprayCork modernises the look of pebbledash, stone and brick, all while providing extra insulation

Protection from the outside

There are various routes you can take to reduce your home’s energy wastage, insulating your walls is often the best place to start. Depending on how well insulated your home already is, heat loss through walls is one of the main reasons you may be struggling to keep your home warm, and this will certainly contribute heavily towards your heating costs.

To limit heat loss, the best approach would be to cover external walls and roofs with a thermal coating. While cavity insulation can be messy, and internal panelling eats into precious living space, a thin external coating provides a quick, easy and cost-effective choice with unrivalled long-term benefits.

SprayCork from CorkSol is scientifically proven to reduce heat loss through walls by 30%*1 which is guaranteed to have a positive impact on the overall energy performance of your property over time. A high-performance spray-applied cork coating, SprayCork provides a thermal, breathable, acoustic solution for walls and roofs, including conservatory roofs, where heat loss is an unavoidable problem.

And what’s more, as an energy saving material, SprayCork benefits from the 0% VAT rate making a CorkSol installation a cost-effective solution to improving the look and performance of your home.

Unrivalled versatility

SprayCork can be used to tackle many common render problems, including overspraying cracked and discoloured render, which taint the overall aesthetic of your home. By improving the external finish, the façade is repaired and brightened, effectively restoring your home to give it a new lease of life.

The sustainable choice

Many of us are becoming more environmentally conscious, so choosing a natural render alternative is a thoughtful choice. The main raw ingredient of SprayCork is cork bark, which is stripped from the tree and grows back naturally over time, meaning no trees are felled. As a result, there is no long-lasting impact on the environment, unlike quarried materials which damage the landscape. In fact, during the regeneration process, cork oak trees absorb higher levels of carbon dioxide, helping to purify the air*2. SprayCork is made using all natural ingredients which means that there are no synthetic chemicals or artificial binding solutions in the product.

Safeguarding against British weather

Each year, British homes are exposed to their fair share of bad weather. Between driving rain, gale force winds and freezing temperatures, our homes have to be able to withstand harsh conditions and the effects of weathering, but SprayCork offers a strong external coating with superior weatherproofing properties to help better protect homes.

Standing the test of time

With CorkSol having the utmost confidence in their product as a long-term, low-maintenance solution for damaged render, the product warranty has now been increased to 25 years, meaning that years down the line, a home coated with SprayCork will look as good as they day it was sprayed.

About CorkSol

CorkSol UK Ltd is dedicated to the distribution of innovative, natural products which meet the needs of the housebuilder in an age driven by sustainability. Established in the UK in 2017, CorkSol has carried out over 3000 projects across the nation and has an extensive network of approved applicators spanning the country. The company prides itself on robust environmental credentials and has an ambitious vision to change the future of building facades, offering a superior, high-performance solution which is 100% sustainable.

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Could your home benefit from a SprayCork coating? Whether you want to futureproof your home, improve its energy performance or just give your façade a refresh, SprayCork is the most environmentally friendly product of its kind on the market, with unrivalled potential.

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*1 30% reduction in heat loss through solid Yorkshire stone walls measured in situ when tested to ISO EN9869-1:2014 standard using the Swiss GreenTeg heat flux system