Get a free seven-night stay holiday for two in Tenerife or Malaga when you subscribe

Subscribe to the Yorkshire Evening Post today and get a free seven-night stay holiday for two in Tenerife or Malaga.

By Georgina Morris
Friday, 20th May 2022, 9:05 pm
Updated Friday, 20th May 2022, 9:09 pm

Whether it's sharing the stories of the people who make Leeds so special, shining a light on the issues affecting your lives or holding those in power to account, our journalists are proud to be part of a newspaper that has served the city for generations.

If you value the local journalism that our dedicated team of reporters provides every day - from the courts and council chambers, to the latest developments at Elland Road - then we hope you'll support our work by taking out a digital subscription.

Purchase a Digital+ package and you'll get unlimited access to all our content, ad free articles, access to our app and loyalty discounts, plus you'll receive one of a limited number of holiday stays if you're among the first to sign up.

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Subscribe and claim a free seven-night stay holiday for two in Tenerife or Malaga. Picture: Adobestock

What are the benefits of a digital subscription?

Our monthly and annual digital subscribers get unlimited access to our news and sports coverage, including all Premium articles.

You'll be able to play our interactive puzzles, including crosswords, sudoku and word wheel challenges.

All of our subscribers see 70 per cent fewer ads on the website and enjoy faster load times, but our Digital+ subscribers also enjoy ad-free articles.

If you take out a Digital+ package, you'll get access to the newspaper edition app on your mobile, tablet and desktop too.

And as an extra thank you, our Insider+ Rewards programme offers a range of loyalty discounts and competitions available only to our subscribers.

How to take out a subscription and claim your free stay holiday

The promotion is strictly limited to the first 100 new subscribers to purchase a Digital+ annual subscription.

Simply purchase your subscription here but if you don't see the message 'Free Holiday applied' then unfortunately there are no more holidays left to claim.

After 15 days, you'll be sent a voucher and a unique promo code to contact the resort and book your free stay holiday directly.

You'll find full details, plus the terms and conditions, on the dedicated subscriptions page for this special offer.

Our standard digital, sports only, corporate and gift subscriptions are still available too, although they are not part of the offer.