These are 10 of the most haunted pubs in Leeds

Leeds is home to its fair share of spooky locations, with the likes of old hospitals, abandoned mills and historic stately homes in its midst.

By Claire Schofield
Thursday, 9th May 2019, 10:46 am
These 10 watering holes are believed to be among the most haunted in Leeds
These 10 watering holes are believed to be among the most haunted in Leeds

But paranormal activity has also been reported in some of the city's pubs, with these 10 watering holes believed to be among the most haunted.

Thought to be haunted by the ghost of Michael Hill , a local actor, singer, poet and entertainer who died in the pub in 1948, both bar staff and drinkers have reported spotting a ghostly apparition lurking about inside The Palace from time to time.
This Victorian pub is reportedly home to the ghost of an elderly woman, with greyish white hair, who haunts the female toilets, with numerous visitors claiming she has appeared in the reflection of the bathroom mirror.
Boasting a ghoulish line-up which includes a grey lady, a phantom figure of Guy Fawkes and a mysterious cloaked spectre, The Abbey Inn has seen its fair share of strange goings-on throughout its history.

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    Said to be home to at least three ghosts, employee reports over the years have detailed sightings of a black male figure which walks into the kitchen and then disappears, as well as two elderly ghosts sitting by the fireplace.
    As well as being said to be the oldest pub in Otley, the Black Bull Inn is also reputed to be haunted, with reports of heavy footsteps in the rooms above the bar, and of people having their faces stroked by unseen fingers.
    The ghosts of two boys are reported to stalk the first floor of this pub, with legend stating they were inmates at the local workhouse and died while working in the pub.
    This Otley pub has experienced many strange goings-on over the years, including boxes mysteriously falling over, darts jumping out of the board of their own accord and bathroom doors being locked from the inside while unoccupied.
    Located opposite The Adelphi, this pub has had reports of a little girl being seen looking out of the window upstairs, despite the rooms being empty, as well as blood dripping from the ceiling onto drinkers.
    This Calverley pub is said to be haunted by a ghost who likes to clean up, with tales of the bathroom being put back in ship shape and bar stools being piled up at the end of the night. At least you know it will be spotless.
    Now the Cosmopolitan hotel, this former pub at the opposite side of Leeds Bridge is believed to be stalked by a couple of ghosts, including a man dressed in Victorian clothing who strides up and down the basement.