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Letter: Don’t ignore problems of isolation

John Appleyard, by email

A recent programme on BBC Radio 4 dealt with the problem of loneliness and isolation, in an interview a woman made a very telling comment in that she never took photos because she had no one to show them to.

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Leeds plan

Letters September 1: Why demolish beautiful buildings?

Shaun Kavanagh, by email

Reading the report (‘Praise for hotel complex plans’, YEP August 24) relating to the potential creation of hotels, offices and leisure complex in Great George Street on the site of the Leonardo and Thoresby buildings, many will ask why demolish such long established, beautiful architecturally designed buildings? All too often we see such architecture destroyed nationally. Why not clean such facades and incorporate the new internal requirements to achieve the best of both worlds?

Would Leeds City Council replace the Town and Civic Halls with modern monstrosities?

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The clean-up operation at Leeds Festival. PIC: Gaz Mack

Letters August 31: Mess left at festival helping city’s homeless

Charities and community groups are making the most of the mess left behind at Leeds Festival to benefit the less fortunate. Several local groups have been scavenging the hundreds of leftover tents sleeping bags and other useful resources to help the homeless and less fortunate around Leeds and further afield. Gaz Mack and a team of volunteers for the Community Kitchen - a non-profit grassroots organisation - raided the abandoned campsites at Bramham Park filling a van to the rafters with dozens of leftover items. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media...

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Letters August 30: City should go for light rail system

Letters August 30: City should go for light rail system

Alan Haigh, Morley

Regarding the story ‘Park and ride group vows to fight plan,’ (YEP August 25), Stourton residents are quite right to complain about the proposed park and ride as it will not improve public transport.

Instead Leeds should go for a quality, modern light rail system as they have in every other large city.

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Letters: Winnings could help repair potholes

Letters: Winnings could help repair potholes

Bernard Goldstein, Alwoodley

Over the past few weeks I’ve won on the Lottery and Premium Bonds. A grand total of £37.10.

Not being financially savvy, I was wondering if anyone could give me some sound advice on how to invest this huge sum?

Perhaps the Government might need it or my local council could use it to help pay to repair all the potholes.

I really didn’t want my winnings to go to my head, but, what a headache it’s turned out to be!

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