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Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Wetherby


Egan, Jan - Labour Party

Harrington, Norma Agnes - Conservative Party

Hopps, David Kenneth - Liberal Democrats

Lamb, Alan James - Conservative Party

Lynch, John - Labour Party

Pearce, Martin - Green Party

Ratcliffe, Paul David - Labour Party

Wilkinson, Gerald - Conservative Party

LANDMARK: Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds  ''PIC:  Tom Joy/Heritage Lottery Fund/PA Wire

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Headingley & Hyde Park


Andrews, Peter Richard - Liberal Democrats

Anstead, Liberty Cheri Isabel - Green Party third choice

Earley, Justin Dennis James - Conservative Party

Ellis, James Alan - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Forsaith, Ann Christine - Green Party second choice

Garthwaite, Al - Labour Party

Gledhill, Michael Ernest - Conservative Party

Godall, Tim - Green Party lead

Goodman, Penny - Liberal Democrats

Green, Kyle Jameson - Conservative Party

Hawthorne, Murray MacGregor - Liberal Democrats

Jennings, Louise Mary - Women’s Equality Party

Pryor, Jonathan David - Labour Party

Walshaw, Neil Anthony - Labour Party

Date: 16th April 2018.'Picture James Hardisty.'Construction of Go Ape at Temple Newsam, Leeds.

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Temple Newsam


Coupar, Debra - Labour Party

Deacon, Neale Arthur - Conservative Party

Hayden, Helen Elizabeth Mary - Labour Party

Hayes, Elizabeth Mary - Conservative Party

Hayes, Robert Scott - Conservative Party

Love, Fiona Sarah Heather - Green Party

Lyons, Mick - Labour Party

Norman, Keith Cecil - Liberal Democrats

2017:  A group of parents who launched an appeal to raise �100,000 to refurbish and replace play equipment in Roundhay Park near the Lakeside Cafe.''Picture: Tony Johnson.

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Roundhay


Arif, Farzana - Conservative Party

Christie, Malcolm Scott - Alliance for Green Socialism

Cohen, Elayna Beverley - Conservative Party

Ellis, Paul Charles - Green Party

Goddard, Jacob Stephen - Labour Party

Hannah, Jon Charles - Liberal Democrats

Iqbal, Najeeb - Liberal Democrats

Khan, Aftab - Conservative Party

Mason, Rory Thomas - Liberal Democrats

Quinn, Tony - Independent

Tunnicliffe, Eleanor Judith - Labour Party

Wenham, Angela Ruvena - Labour Party

ROTHWELL: Life is good but there is frustration over planning and parking.''PIC: Google

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Rothwell


Ahad, Shazar - Conservative Party

Aliremzioglu, Ali - Green Party

Boycott, Joe - Conservative Party

Bruce, Karen - Labour Party

Burke, Sharon - Labour Party

Golton, Stewart - Liberal Democrats

Harrison, Carmel Francess - Liberal Democrats

Long, Melieha Ruth - Conservative Party

Nagle, David Patrick - Labour Party

Yates, Patricia - Liberal Democrats

Tardis    picture oct 2015'Pudsey Bus Station

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Pudsey


Arbuckle, Jude Patrick - Liberal Democrats

Coulson, Mick - Labour Party

Cunningham, Lou - Labour Party

Glover, Christine Amy - Liberal Democrats

Harrison, Mark Thomas - Conservative Party

Hart, Helen Lesley - Green Party

Hughes, Martin Gareth - Liberal Democrats

Lewis, Richard Alwyn - Labour Party

Neve, Mark Johnathan - Conservative Party

O’Neill, Conor Andrew - The Yorkshire Party

Seary, Simon Anthony - Conservative Party

31/7/15    Drighlington Library. (GL1006/71b)

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Morley North


Aldiss, Jason Karl - Conservative Party

Clapcote, Steve - Labour and Co-operative Party

Compton, Pete - Labour and Co-operative Party

Dilworth, Christopher 
James - Conservative Party

Gettings, Bob Springfield - Morley Borough Independents

Hutchinson, Andy - Morley Borough Independents

Leadley, Thomas Adrian - Morley Borough Independents

Leng, Johnathan Charles - Labour and Co-operative Party

Mellor, Philip James - Liberal Democrats

Singh, Louisa Mary - Conservative Party

Morley's annual St George's Day parade is a real crowd-puller

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Morley South


Bell, Chris - Green Party

Dawson, Neil - Labour and Co-operative Party

Elliott, Judith Mary - Morley Borough Independents

Finnigan, Robert - Morley Borough Independents

Hill, Charlotte - Labour and Co-operative Party

Kidger, Wyn - Morley Borough Independents

Mitchell, Luke - Labour and Co-operative Party

Oldham, Rachel Mary - Conservative Party

Sanwoolu, Jermaine - Conservative Party

Singh, Jas - Conservative Party

Smith, Raymond Dennis - Liberal Democrats

Following the completion of installation work, the maypole will be officially welcomed back to a historic Manchester Square in Otley.'25th March 2015.'Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe.

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Otley and Yeadon


Bradley, Mick - Green Party

Campbell, Colin Andrew - Liberal Democrats

Creek, Kenneth John - Conservative Party

Downes, Ryk - Liberal Democrats

Fox, Diane Elaine - Conservative Party

Gregory, Sian Lisa - Labour Party

Hollings, Tom - The For Britain Movement

Lay, Sandy Edward Charles - Liberal Democrats

Nathan. Elliot Edwards - Labour Party

Ranson, James William - Labour Party

Rees, Philip John - Conservative Party

Opening of Phase one Cycling Hub at Middleton Park, Leeds.Martin Ogden is pictured.1st December 2017 ..Picture by Simon Hulme

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Middleton Park


Blake, Judith - Labour Party

Dixon, Wayne Alan - Social Democratic Party

Gagen, Kathryn Elizabeth - Liberal Democrats

Groves, Kim Susan - Labour Party

Herdson, David - Conservative

Jessop, Rita - Conservative

Lamb, Gareth Andrew - Conservative

Truswell, Paul Anthony - Labour

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Moortown

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Moortown


Andrews, Gavin Michael - Green Party

Charlwood, Rebecca Marie - Labour Party

Cunliffe, Ross Alexander - Conservative Party

Dowling, Ian George - Liberal Democrats

Dresser, David Stephen - Liberal Democrats

Greenberg, Ian - UK Independence Party

Hamilton, Sharon - Labour Party

Howley, Chris - Liberal Democrats

Miles, Jeff - UK Independence Party

Pearce, Liam Joshua James - Conservative Party

Shahzad, Mohammed - Labour Party

Speed, Rob - Conservative Party

Children from  Little London Community Primary School, Leeds, with teachers. PIC: James Hardisty/YPN

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Little London & Woodhouse


Akhtar, Javaid - Labour Party

Ashford, Brandon John - Conservative Party

Brooks, Kayleigh - Labour Party

Campbell, Lorna Christine - Liberal Democrats

Foren, Christopher Mark - Green Party

Green, Amy - Conservative Party

Harper, Gerry - Labour Party

Harper, Stewart Peter - Conservative Party

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