How Ian Beesley used one of the world’s biggest cameras to take intimate portraits of former miners

It was while rooting around a storage room that Ian Beesley stumbled across the inspiration for his latest project – a giant camera, 8ft long and 5ft high, one that takes four people to move and which was built to use film that isn’t made anymore.

Jimmy Nail, who has pulled out of The Last Ship, at the launch event with Sting and director Lorne Campbell last year.

Jimmy Nail pulls out of Sting’s musical The Last Ship

It’s a production which lasted just a few months on Broadway and now just as Sting’s musical The Last Ship was due to set sail in the UK its leading man has pulled out.


The Yorkshire pub with a starring role in the Waitrose Christmas ad

It was back in the early 1980s that Tan Hill got a taste of overnight fame when it provided the backdrop for that now iconic Everest double glazing ad.

Fast forward almost 40 years and Britain’s highest pub in Richmond, North Yorkshire, has just landed another starring role - this time in Waitrose’s Christmas television campaign.


How the Soviet Union secretly mapped Yorkshire during the Cold War

From Washington to Afghanistan, via Leeds and Bradford, John Davies tells Sarah Freeman how he helped uncover the Soviet’s secret Cold War mission to map the world.

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