Historic Wetherby water wheel restored thanks to community group

A Victorian water wheel is lifted into position at the side of Wetherby Weir after months of restoration work. The 11ft iron cog wheel, believed to date back to the 1880s, was found two years earlier and was restored by Wetherby Weir Preservation Trust (WWPT).

The weir at Wetherby dates back to the 12th Century. It was severely damaged during the harsh winter of 1981, when part of it collapsed. A lack of enthusiasm for rebuilding it from local landowners and the authorities led to the creation of a new group - WWPT. They managed to raise £30,000 in three months to kickstart the reconstruction, which took place a year later. The group repaired the hole and some salmon steps which had also been damaged and then continued to restore the entire weir, which is now a key part of the Wharfe Riverside Walk. Their work also resulted in a wider riverside restoration scheme in the area.

The cog wheel was discovered in 1991 and restored. The WWPT was also responsible for building the bandstand next to the river - a popular haunt for those visiting the town during the summer months.

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