On this day: The news making the #YEPleeds front page



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The headlines that made the front page of the Yorkshire Evening Post on April 2, 2004.

Main story. Britain’s worst serial killer, Harold Shipman, may have embarked on his death spree on the wards of a West Yorkshire hospital, it has emerged. An ongoing public inquiry into Shipman’s crimes is to investigate his spell as a junior doctor at Pontefract General Infirmary in the 1970s. The dramatic move comes just three months after Shipman - who is thought to have claimed more than 200 lives - was found hanged in Wakefield prison. It has previously been thought that his first murder was carried out after he left PGI, while he was working as a family doctor in Todmorden, near Halifax.

8th June 1972  Women's Circle cooking team.  Denise Creamer on the left.  Anne Wilkinson weilding the big wooden spoon.  Wendy Rix, standing by with the milk jug.

Leeds nostalgia: YEP Women’s Circle in the kitchen in 1972