On this day: The news making the #YEPleeds front page

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The headlines that made the front page of the Yorkshire Evening Post on March 26, 2004.

Main story. A mother whose daughter went into a coma just a week after having the MMR jab has lost her bid for compensation. Cheryl Bell was told by the Government’s Vaccine Damage Payment Unit that the combined measles, mumps and rubella jab was not responsible for daughter Levi Ellis’s coma after she was given the jab at her local GP’s surgery. In February, Mrs Bell, 35, was also among hundred of parents who lost their bid for legal aid to fight a compensation case involving alleged harm caused to their children by the MMR injection.

Skipton, 27th August 1980

Mr. Lambert Alderson, 62, of Alexandra Terrace, Skipton seen withhis colleagues Mr. Arnold Beck, left, and Mr. Marc Symes, right, won a �50 bonus from Craven District Council for the care he had taken collecting refuse.

Yorkshire nostalgia: Skipton bin man gets reward for being quie