On this day: The news making the #YEPleeds front page

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The headlines that made the front page of the Yorkshire Evening Post on March 9, 2006

Main story. Sick leave cost Leeds City Council £35m last year. The figure is revealed as the council prepares to raise council tax bills by 4.5 per cent - almost twice the rate of inflation - and is looking to make cuts to help it fund front-line services. Incredibly, the figure is better than in 2004 when sick leave cost Leeds very close to £40m. Over the past 12 m onths the council’s employees have each taken an average of 12.4 days off sick - half a day less than the previous year. The average in local government nationally is 10.5 days.


Thirsk, North Yorkshire 1967
Seven people died and 44 were injured when a London-Edinburgh express with 300 passengers aboard hit a derailed goods train near Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

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