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I have attached a Gipton School photograph from 1928. I thought due to its age, the photograph might be of interest to the readers of the Times Past section in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

y Grandad Wilfred Frank aged 12 or 13 is on the photograph(he died in 2007) . Sixth from the left on the middle row or above the “I” in Gipton on the middle row.

Trevor Frank, 12 Colbeck Terrace, Batley, West Yorkshire WF17 7HQ. Email: trevfra@btinternet.com

Ed - see the full picture on our website, under the nostalgia tab

I was thinking about an inspirational teacher of mine and googled JPG Taylor - Sam to those who knew him - and I was delighted to realise you’d interviewed him and he was therefore still alive. I would like to get in touch with him if he is still out there.

Ben Jeffrey, via email: bejef74@gmail.com

The Yorkshire Evening Post welcomes letters from readers and will do its utmost to return pictures, so long as a return address and contact is supplued

8th June 1972  Women's Circle cooking team.  Denise Creamer on the left.  Anne Wilkinson weilding the big wooden spoon.  Wendy Rix, standing by with the milk jug.

Leeds nostalgia: YEP Women’s Circle in the kitchen in 1972