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Wakefield, 1905

Sandal Fire Brigade.

Wakefield, 1905 Sandal Fire Brigade.

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Picure of the week

How times have changed... we might be used to our modern fire service and its quick response times but turn the clock back to 1905 and they were still using horses, as this imae of Sandal Fire Brigade, Wakefield shows

Library picture dated 15/04/97 of nine month old James Austin being kissed by Labour Party leader Tony Blair during a walkabout at The Broadway, Crawley. James, now 5, handed a letter to Cherie Booth, at the famous door of 10 Downing Street, London, Monday 22 July 2002. He has written a letter to ask for his school, Three Bridges First School, Crawley in West Sussex, to be saved from a cost cutting merger. James was famously pictured as a baby being held by Tony Blair in the 1997 election campaign. See PA story EDUCATION School. PA Photo: Sean Dempsey.

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