Leeds nostalgia: September 1985: Harrogate stages war games

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Leeds, September 12, 1985: as the home defence exercise Operation Brave Defender came to an end, apprentices from the Army Apprentices College at Harrogate were confidently predicting their base at the Naval Reserve Headquarters, Leeds, would remain intact.

Their role in the exercise ended after a week of defending their base against enemy attacks - 13 so far - which included rocket and mortar attacks, ambushes, false officials from the Department of the Environment, bogus Press representatives and demonstrations. The operation was testing the defences of several hundred key installations against sabotage.

Three key points around Leeds were selected: RAF Church Fenton, Hawksworth Moor and the HMS Ceres Naval Reserve base at Yeadon.”

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Leeds, 18th September 1985

Westfield Primary School, Burley Road.

A group of mothers staged a playground protest after they were refused permission to supervise their children's lunch breaks.

Teachers are refusing to supervise meals as part of their dispute over pay.

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