Leeds nostalgia: Paper round from 1938...

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I thought the photographs would be of interest to your readers. I was a paperboy for Tom Sleightholme on Halton Hill and for six years my round was Oak Road, Portage Avenue and the surrounding area.

Tom is pictured in his shop doorway. He was very kind to me and the customers always had the weekly treats for me, which were coppers, sweets and fruit. This was in 1938.

So, I have many happy memories as a paper boy.

Robert Holman, Marsden Court, Pudsey

Ed- Mr Holman was also kind enough to send in a clothing coupon book from 1945-46, stamped with his original address, Casterton Gardens, Seacroft. Our thanks.

Correction: In a letter published last Monday, in response to an earlier letter appealing for information about rugby league, we mis-spelt the name of a teacher.

The correct spelling is Ken Dalby.

He was a teacher/coach at Kirkstall Road School who later became manager of the Leeds first team and then, in retirement, completed a six-part history called The Headingley Story, mainly about Rugby League, but also about cricket.

The stone memorial unveiled by the Duke of Edinburgh and laid in dedication to John Harrison, the clockmaker who discovered the principle of longitude, during a special service inside Westminster Abbey in central London, Friday March 24, 2006. John Harrison made his discovery during the eighteenth century and his invention greatly aided naval navigation and the expansion of the British Empire. Standalone photo. PRESS ASSOCIATION photo. Photo Credit should read: Johnny Green/pool/PA.

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