Leeds nostalgia: Local shops

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In 1979 the corner shop on Domestic Street was owned by Beatrice and Arthur Butt.

The shop window shown in our photograph is a timepiece and although the Butt’s shop looks sparse by modern standards we can see a menu for freshly made sandwiches, an old style weighing scale and plastic wrapped loaves of bread.

1979'': The corner shop on Domestic Street owned by Beatrice and Arthur Butt.

1979'': The corner shop on Domestic Street owned by Beatrice and Arthur Butt.


Similar bespoke goods were available back in the thirties on Tong Road at Gallons Provision Shop where free custard was offered with pears bought with shillings and pence and the shop window revealed a wonderful display of tinned goods and hams.

Modernity was the order of the day in 1964 at Owen & Robinson’s in Albion Street . A glass and marble facade that revealed sparkling selections of rings and a case of silver salvers and trophies.

Jim Cairns proudly showed off the front of his cycling shop Watson Cairns in 1980, a place that we would now acknowledge as ahead of its time given the recent biking renaissance and a frontage that contained the iconic Raleigh Chopper .

Open all hours was certainly the order of the day back in 1989 when Joe and Joga Singh had the Today’s Foodstore and Off Licence at the corner of Gledhow Avenue .

Ilkley, 30th July 1976

Ted Carroll, the TV and film extra with the 180 degree nose, is learning to live with himself at his pub in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

The new Ted, with the old nose, is a bronze bust modelled by a sculptress at Ilkley College.
In fact Janet Bowler's Ted Carroll is even more rugged than the real thing.
Ted let his nose go its own way after having it broken four times during his 12 years with Hunslet Rugby League Club.
"She left it over the holidays with me to see if I could get used to it. People come up to it and order two pints", said Mr. Carroll, who with his wife, Beryl, runs the Rose and Crown, opposite Ilkley Parish Church.

Leeds nostalgia: July 1976: Former rugby league player ‘gets used to living with himself’