Leeds nostalgia: Heatwave hits the city

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As temperatures soar in Leeds, we look back when it was cracking the flagstones outside the Civic Hall back in 1952 and the sun was even brightening up the old black buildings at Portland Crescent in the background.

In 1979 Colin Cairns took full advantage of the rays when he relaxed amid a group of statues in Meanwood and it was pure fun in nineteen eighty one for Joanne Bailiff and Charles Patrick when they revelled in the summer playscheme at Broad Lane Middle School. Standpipes were rolled out in 1976 to cope with the threat to water supplies caused by that year’s unprecedented temperatures and the kind of summer that we all tend to yearn for.

MAY 1952: Heatwave scene in Civic Hall gardens, Leeds.

MAY 1952: Heatwave scene in Civic Hall gardens, Leeds.

Similar conditions were enjoyed by these office workers in 1981 when they were snapped from the tower of St. John’s Church.

Skipton, 27th August 1980

Mr. Lambert Alderson, 62, of Alexandra Terrace, Skipton seen withhis colleagues Mr. Arnold Beck, left, and Mr. Marc Symes, right, won a �50 bonus from Craven District Council for the care he had taken collecting refuse.

Yorkshire nostalgia: Skipton bin man gets reward for being quie