Leeds nostalgia: Flashback to ’66

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England were busy winning the World Cup and Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) was proving to be a boxing phenomenon.

It was 1966 and all these events were zipping over the airwaves to the residents of Leeds.

1966: Panoramic view of Leeds.

1966: Panoramic view of Leeds.

Some were oblivious, like the couple caught kissing at this bus stop and at the LGI things were deemed to be too noisy as the inspector here was finding out.

Traditional brick terraces were giving way to the new ring road and Briggate was as clogged with shoppers as ever.

Leeds, 26th September 1985

Leeds Market Traders Protest.

Posters and leaflets are to be banned by law from Leeds Market under proposed new by-laws.

And angry traders say the move is aimed at hindering their long running campaign against council plans to redevelop the historic market site.

Leeds nostalgia: September 1985: Day market traders marched to save Kirkgate Market