Leeds nostalga: History group wants your help with local memories

27 Jan 2016......The bells at Wortley St Leonard Church are re-installed following a major restoration. Picture Scott Merrylees

27 Jan 2016......The bells at Wortley St Leonard Church are re-installed following a major restoration. Picture Scott Merrylees

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WortlEy Local History Group .are preparing to take another walk down memory in autumn, when they open their doors on National Heritage Day.

This time the walk will be up Oldfield Lane, Wortley, Leeds 12, and down Lower Wortley Road towards the Ring Road. We are gathering together photos, artefacts and stories of the area.

Val Smith, from the group, said: “We wondered if anyone has memories of this area, particularly, of the swimming pool that was on the Rec’ (Wortley Recreation Ground) or the Ice-Cream Parlour and the Sports Ground on Oldfield Lane itself. And can anyone tell us why the ground was named after Thomas Vernon Harrison? Who was he? What did he do?

“Last year, thanks to you, the Yorkshire Evening Post readers came up trumps and provided us with primary and secondary data about Wellington Road, which we used in our display and have added to our archives. We are hoping readers might respond again and help with this year’s research.

“We’re particularly interested in learning more about the recreation ground off Oldfield Lane, because this was bought and paid for by public subscription for the children of the area back in 1931.

“T V Harrison, who was head at Hunslet Lane and Christ Church junior schools, was the main instigator but he died before the field was bought. A campaign to raise money was run in the YEP and raised £1,200, which was a phenomenal amount.”

Val said they would also be looking at architecture in the area, which has many unique buildings, including a set of back-to-backs which have one-up, one-downs on one side and a double-fronted houses on the other, with an interconnecting passage.

They also plan to look at the old cinema and the two main graveyards in the area.

he history group is 20 years old.

Contact Val via email on valilkley@hotmail.com or telephone 01943 839661.

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