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DESPITE your best efforts you’ve gone and overspent again this month. You are back in your trusted overdraft and your credit card has been well used. What happened?

I was going to suggest you don’t berate yourself, but that might just let you off the hook completely. A little guilt is sometimes needed to spring us into action and get back on track. What you don’t need though is so much self-recrimination that you get paralysed and are unable to do anything to change the situation.

So take yourself in hand. What step do you need to take?

Recently I’ve been buying my own personal things from the household account because it was the only card I knew the PIN number for. Needless to say things got a bit muddled. So I gave myself a talking to and finally went and set my PIN numbers on my cards to numbers I can easily remember. Now I am feeling confident I can get back on track.

There are two sides to money. Firstly, the practical ‘outside’, saving, budgeting, investing and planning. Then there is the side that I help my clients with, what goes on in their ‘inside’ when dealing with money. Embarrassment and dread around money, even in those who are bright and smart, can keep you stuck.

If that’s where you are, get help now!

>Leeds-based Helen Collier is one of only two coaches in the UK trained with the Money Coaching Institute in California. She helps people who are often embarrassed and ashamed about how they’ve handled money to create a financial life they can be proud of.

Date: 17th May 2017.
Picture James Hardisty.
A handwritten blessing for a Yorkshire church sent by Pope Pius X in 1908 has been uncovered in an attic after being lost for 60 years and has been presented back to the parish priest at St Austin's Church, Wentworth Terrace, Wakefield. Pictured (left to right) Norman Hazell, President of the Catholic Young Mens Society, and Michael Timlin, Secretary of the Catholic Young Mens Society with Monsignor David Smith, holding the discovered letter.

Saint’s blessing from 1908 found in Wakefield loft