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YEP readers can sponsor a light on a Christmas tree in memory of absent loved ones at a carol service in The Light shopping centre on December 12.

All donations go to the Half & Half Appeal for Wheatfields and St Gemma’s Hospices and will be acknowledged in the YEP each Saturday running up to the service.

Names of loved ones will be listed on an honours board in the Courtyard at The Light from December 12 until the end of the Christmas period.

Send your donation to: The Editor’s Secretary, Yorkshire Evening Post, Yorkshire Evening Post, No.1 Leeds, 26 Whitehall Road, Leeds LS12 1BE.

Make cheques payable to YEP Half & Half Appeal. Donations must be received no later than December 7 for names to be entered on the honour board.

Tributes can be included in the Light Up A Life column but not the roll of honour. Please keep all tributes to less than 30 words. Donations to Half & Half Appeal can be Gift Aided.

This allows the hospices to claim 25p in the pound if you pay income tax in this country.

Attach a note stating your name and address and make the declaration that you pay income tax in this country, equal to the amount you are donating. Send that with your donation to the Light Up A Life Appeal and we will do the rest.


Dibb, Eric and Adrian. Loving memories of a dearly loved husband, Eric, and dearly loved son, Adrian. Also dearly loved dad and brother of Stewart and Robert. Rest in Peace. Love Pat xxx £10

Smith, Jenny; Binns, May and John, and Haigh, Gavin. Donation from Lynn Binns £20

Smith, Mary Eleanor and Barratt, Edith. Donation from Jack Dobson. £20

Rimington, Marian (29.6.49 – 30.8.04). My perfect sister, I miss you every day. All my love, Margaret Thompson. £25

Gunby, Peter. For my darling husband, Peter. You are with me wherever I go. Love always, your wife Lynn xxx £25

Daniel, Pauline. My sister, still missed so very much. Love, your Joan £10

Thorp, Walter. Donation from Mrs Roberta Thorp £10

Jones, Alan (died 22.11.89). We think of you each and every day. Love Christine, Julie and Andrew xxx £10

Sutcliffe, Gerald (died 12.9.12). A gentleman, with gentle ways who made the best cup of tea you every tasted! Love Christine, Julie and Andrew xxx £10

Beggs, Albert. Always loving, thoughtful and kind. Wonderful memories you left behind. Love and miss you. God bless from your loving family xxx £20

Cornish, Jean. To some you maybe forgotten, to others part of the past. To us who loved and lost you, your memories will always last. From loving husband Eric, Joy, Eric jnr, Jill and families £20

Sheridan, Peter. In loving memory of my precious husband. Our first year apart has been the hardest thing to bear, in mind a constant thought, in heart a silent grief. Love always. Chris xxx £20

Gilbertson, Joan and Cliff. Remembering always a dearly loved mum and dad, nana and grandad, great-nana and great-grandad. From your loving family xx £5

Starkey, Paul. Remembering always a dearly loved husband, dad and grandad. Also Barbara, a dearly loved nana and great-nana. From your loving family xx £5

Lee, Marian and Eric; Thompson, Francis and Les. Always in our thoughts. Judith Thompson £20

Yeoman, Jack. In our thoughts and our hearts every day. Love and miss you always. Wish you were here. Phillip, Angela and Aaron xxx £15

Bell, James (Freddie). Thinking of you and forever in our hearts. Love always. Phillip, Angela and Aaron xxx £15

Middleton, James and Lily. Dearly loved parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, sorely missed by all the family. Love Carol, Nicola, Sharon, Jack, Harry and Brian xx £30

Bewell, Eddie (died 8.11.10). Two years without you but still loved and missed every day. All our love from Joan, Lynne, Gerry and Laura xxxx £20

Platt, David. In loving memory of a dear husband, father, brother and friend. RIP £30

Keegan, Eunice May and Michael. Treasured memories of a dear mum and brother. Deep in our hearts you will always stay, loved and remembered every day. Eunice, Sylvia and Pat £15

Glover, Margot. Gone but never forgotten, always in our thoughts. Love from Marjorie, Peter and family £10

Warner, Russell. A dearly loved and much missed son. Love from Dad and Pam £10

Wilson, Mary, George, Barrie and Shiela. Love and miss you all. From Pam, Ray and family £10

Holmes, Johnny and Minnie. Loved and remembered every day. Love from Josie, Peter and family £10

Glossop, Peter and Minnie. Loved and remembered every day. Love from Peter, Josie and family xx £10

Rider, Gerard. Loved and remembered every day. Love from Chris, Gillian, Jason, Kayleigh and Joseph xx £5

Leedham, Alfred and Dorothy. Much loved mum and dad, gran and gramps, forever in our hearts. From your loving daughter and grand-daughter xx £20

Duggan, Harry. Another year goes by and you are still missed so much. Love Margaret, Ann, Mike, Ali and Paul and all your family £25

Peberdy, Joanne. Missed in the morning of each new day; missed in the evening as light fades away. Missed in a thousand and one little ways, around every corner a memory stays. Love always from Mum and Dad £25

Gaulton, Ken. Much loved husband. Maureen £10

Pickard, Trevor. Fond memories of a dearly loved brother; gone but never forgotten. From sisters Sylvia and Brenda £20

Nestele, Lindsay (nee Blewchamp). Missing you now and always, forever loved £25

Cholmondeley, Clifford. Donation from Joan Cholmondeley £30

Burns, Iris and John. Much loved parents and grandparents, missed more with each passing year. Oh for yesterday and you. Love Tricia, George, Catherine and Ella £50

McGann, Neil. Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again. Love you always, Mam and Dad £20

Birch, Betty (died 11.11.12). A dearly loved mum, grandma and great-grandma, loved and remembered always. From all your loving family xx £20

Mowthorpe, Eric. Wish you were still here with us. Life is not the same without you. You are loved and missed so much. Love you, Brenda x £10

Jeffreys, Terry. A dearly loved husband, dad, grandad and great-grandad. Remembered with love always, sadly missed. From all your loving family £20

Jeffreys, Paul (Sid). A loving father, son and brother remembered always with love and sadness. From all your loving family £20

Smith, Mavis. My best friend remembered always and especially at Christmas. Joyce £10

Kenny, Bernard and Margaret. Remembered with love always. Joyce and family £10

Mackman, Brian (died 28.11.94). A dearly loved husband, who is missed every day, never to be forgotten. Love always. Pauline xxx £5

Bottomley, David. A much loved husband, dad and grandad; also Gary, a much loved son, brother and uncle. We miss you both everyday and will love you forever. Brenda, Neil and family xxx £20

Rimington, Rose and Edgar. Wonderful parents loved and missed every day. Love Anne, Michael and all our family £10

Rimington, Marian. Dearly loved sister-in-law, aunty and great-aunty. Memories we treasure, loving you always, forgetting you never. Anne, Michael and family £10

Hilton, David, Edna, Wilf and Wilkinson, Harold. In memory. Donation from Sandra Hilton £30

Ogley, Alan (died 4.1.06). Loving husband, dad and grandad missed so much. Love Janette and family £10

Mowvley, Leslie. In memory of my husband. Marjorie Mowvley £40

Halliwell, Roy. Ten years since we lost you, a good son, brother and friend. Gone but not forgotten. Alice Ward £20

Horrocks, Alan. A much loved husband, dad, grandad and great-grandad. In our hearts you will always stay. Love from Jean and the gang. £20

Croll, Jenny. You were truly an amazing lady. Your zest for life, your courage in the face of adversity. Your incandescent spirit continues to light up our lives. How could we forget you. Love always. The Golden Girls £25

Fozzard, Jack. Memories today and always of Jack, beloved husband of Jean. Loved and missed every day by all his family £10

Calpin, Grandma June. We love you lots Grandma June. You are the best grandma, we will remember you forever and will look for your star in the sky. Love Amy and Olivia xxx £20

Payne, Anthony (died 13.5.96) Treasured memories of a dear son, brother and dad, who we miss and love very much. Love Mum and family £10

Payne, George (died 6.9.02). A very dear husband, dad and grandad. Loved and remembered every day. God bless, your ever-loving wife Sylvia and family £10

Beaumont, John and Ivy. Beaumont, Fred and Mary; Beaumont, William; Hobson Edward and Millie; Vincent Louis and Christopher. Gone but not forgotten. From all £10

McCusker, Bill. Donation from Brenda McCusker £10

Peberdy, Joanne. A beloved niece. May the winds of love blow softly and whisper in your ear, we still love and miss you and wish that you were here. Auntie Barbara and Uncle Les £10

Olsen, Richard; Blair, Bill; Olsen, Max and Fox, Alfred. Loved you all dearly. Love Betty. £20

Lambert, David. We miss you grandad, you will always be our star. God bless, love you Ellie, Alice, Joshua, Henry £50

Allanson, Jack and Anne and Marshall, Norman. Always in our thoughts. John Allanson £30

Watson, Edith. Always loved and remembered by daughters Mary and Elizabeth £20

Farnell, Kenneth Thornton. Love and miss you Babe, always will. All my love Joyce £5

Parker, Arnold (Arnie). Precious memories of a very dear husband, dad and grandad. Love always and forever, Betty and family £10

Hayes, Henrietta (nee Dunnigan). My much loved and missed mum, also grandparents and Suzie. God bless, sweet dreams. Jean Frances xxx £10

Thompson, Julie and Clarke, Geoffrey. Treasured memories of our wonderful daughter, Julie and a very dear and loved brother Geoffrey. Brenda and Gordon Thompson £50

Walmsley, Derek. Missing you still and always. God bless Wally and Mavis £10

Walmsley, Joan. Never more than a thought away, loved and remembered every day. Mavis and Walt £10

Robinson, Michael (Jim) . My dear son, in loving memory. Still missing you. Love always Mum xx £15

Robinson, Michael. We all think of you and miss you every day. All our love from Janet, Steve, Matthew and Brad xx £10

Robinson, Michael (died 1.4.10). Thinking of you always, our special brother and uncle. Miss you lots. Love Paula, Terry, Zoe, Toni and Dylan xx £10

Whitley, Alex (died 25.12.92). In loving memory of our dear son, forever in our hearts. Love from Mum, Dad and brother Robert and all the family £20

Total £2,605

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