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Helen Collier
Helen Collier
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The stories we tell ourselves. I’ll use myself as an example on this one.

I’m not always great at putting things in the places they need to go, or that’s what I tell myself.

I have lots of piles or slings with random things in them, I tell myself. Last week I’d been putting off doing the accounts for a group I’m treasurer for, it was going to be a time-consuming job I told myself. The more I ignored it the bigger it got. So grasping the bull by the horns I decided I’d take it one step at a time. First find the bank statements, then the cheque book etc. etc.

Now what I told myself was going to be a long job, because I wouldn’t be able to find what I needed was done, dusted and delivered to the accountant at the bottom of my garden in 45 minutes. I did have everything I needed in a file marked ‘group accounts.’ I was so busy making up stories that were only half true I was getting paralysed.

When it comes to getting to grips with your money what stories are you telling yourself that might not be completely true? Is there a story keeping you stuck and stopping you from taking action? Take a first step towards doing it, you might find the relief that you’ve tackled it better than the putting it off or that the first step triggers you on to more action.

Good Luck.

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