TV preview: Citizen Khan

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It’s Friday night, you’re not going out, so it’s time to switch on the telly and settle back and enjoy something funny.

For many moons, such things have happened in homes across the land. Friday night has been a haven for sitcoms and panel shows for a long time, with the likes of Friends, Have I Got News For You, QI and, of course, the aptly named Friday Night Dinner all popping up at some point during the evening in days gone by - in fact, a few of them are still at it.

Now Citizen Khan can be added to the list.

During a recent episode of Would I Lie To You? Adil Ray revealed he had once been told off by a Greek boat owner for sailing too far out to sea. A fans will tell you, that’s definitely not to kind of thing Mr Khan would get up to.

Ray writes and stars in this sitcom about Khan’s often fraught life, and it seems he’s overflowing with ideas involving further well-intentioned but disastrous scrapes his character can get into.

“It’s testament to the whole team that we have got this far,” he says. “I just can’t wait to get back in the studio with the entire Citizen Khan family. As the great British public get even more familiar with Mr Khan, it really excites me when I think about the places we can go. The Bahamas?”

It’s no doubt tempting to pen such a story, but instead, he keeps it more down-to-earth in the first episode, which sees the Khan family return from a trip to Pakistan with Mrs Khan’s mother in tow.

Mr Khan isn’t pleased about her presence, but cheers up when she announces her plan to move into a care home.

However, when it becomes clear the old lady is loaded, he wonders if she might be better off staying with them after all.

For Ray, writing Citizen Khan has been a dream come true - he believes he’s been honing the character since he was very young.

“From a young child I remember being fascinated by adults.

I’ve realised that some of Mr Khan’s characteristics must have been stored in my memory bank from watching adults around me.

“There are elements of my family in him, bits of my Dad and also bits of me in there too. I also think there’s a bit of him in all of us - because in the end all he wants is to be loved and respected.”

Will his dream come true in this series? We’ll have to wait and see...

Citizen Khan, Friday 8.30pm BBC1

Victoria on ITV.

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