Gig preview: Prides at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Prides. Picture: Mike Massaro

Prides. Picture: Mike Massaro

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Scottish synth­pop trio, Prides, have released three critically acclaimed EPs since their formation last year. Their latest came out recently, and they are currently on their first UK headline tour.

The new EP , Strong Enough, features another young rising talent providing vocals. Lauren Aquilina, 19, is signed to the same label as Prides. Pianist and lead vocalist, Stewart, says this link is how the collaboration initially came about. “Ally, our manager, manages her. And we were big fans of her, anyway, and we got in touch through Island, since we’re on the same label. We were just sort of talking about that it might be cool to get together at some point, and see what could happen.”

The most prestigious honour bestowed on the band, so far, was them being invited to play at the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony. “The Commonwealth Games was amazing. It was crazy. We were, obviously, really flattered to be asked, but it was just very surreal. It was, by far, the biggest thing that we’ve been involved with, and it came really early for us, but the response we got afterwards was incredible. We were chuffed.”

This month may see their first UK headline tour, but Prides have already gigged extensively since they got together. Stewart says that, little by little, the venues get bigger and the crowds grow. “It’s a nice kind of feeling, actually. The second time you hit a city, you see a couple of the same faces, and then the third time, you’ve got people singing along and wearing the T-­shirts.

“We always try and hang back after shows and speak to people. And you do start getting to remember people, and you recognise people; and they bring their pals and it grows like that. We’ve got our first UK headline tour coming up, so it will be nice to see everybody.”

Three EPs later, Prides’ fans are eagerly anticipating the release of their début album. They will be delighted to hear that it is near completion. “It’s going to be new stuff and a couple of the singles that we’ve had out so far this year, as well.”, explains Stewart. “But we’re nearly finished with it, and the plan is, really, the first half of next year, we will try and get a couple more singles out and see how we go.”

Prides play at Brudenell Social Club, Queens Road, on October 20.

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