Cutting the cost of going abroad

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Have you even thought about where you’ll be heading off to this year? Maybe you’ve already been skiing or are planning a city break soon, or perhaps looking to go abroad in the summer. Even if you are limited to one holiday a year in the summer it does no harm to start planning now.

After all, at the beginning of the year many of us are bogged down in our financial lives; from paying off any credit cards, ensuring we hit our ISA allowance, or even investigating the private pension schemes on the market. There’s never been a better time for a break from saving to start planning a holiday. A money saving one that is!

Here are a few tips to get you thinking.

Go camping

As we’re all tightening our purse strings, camping is becoming more and more popular. While it has always had a loyal following, more and more people are turning to sleeping under a canvas rather than spending big on accommodation. It’s perfect for a family holiday in the summer, at home or abroad.

Do it yourself

If you’re planning an excursion while away, don’t just simply book it through your hotel. Often hotels and guesthouses rely on the laziness of tourists and charge high prices for excursions. Get out and explore on your own, you never know what you’ll find. And if there are big tourist spots you’ve read up in the guide book, go and visit them yourselves. You’re bound to save on your holiday budget.

Make sure you’re covered

If you’re one of the lucky few to be going away more than once this year, then you can save considerably when it comes to your travel insurance, simply by purchasing annual multi-trip travel insurance as opposed to single trip.

Conserve your resources

No one really uses traveller’s cheques anymore; it’s too easy just to use your card at ATMs when away. Especially if you’re on a European city break. But while it may seem very easy, it’s no doubt going to be eating into your holiday budget when it comes to charges. One way to combat this is to check your credit card’s website and see where you can withdraw and where you’ll get charged. Alternatively you can ensure you compare exchange rates online to get a good deal and change enough cash to last you the couple of days you’re away.

Travelling can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.


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