YOUR VIEWS: The problems with Leeds Station's new ticket barrier

We asked for your views on the problems commuters are having with the new ticket barriers at Leeds City Station.

Overall, I think the gates will be better - eventually. The delays at present are awful. There are other problems making it worse. For example, as a daily commuter I have an annual Metrocard. As yet there is not any indication as to when I will be able to get an updated pass that can be swiped through the automatic gates. Until then I have to wander around the queues on the station to find a gate where there is a member of staff who can lme though the gates. I don't see any advantages yet but I hope I do - very soon.

At rush hour this morning there were still only some of the gates available for passengers causing more congestion. This does not happen on the London Underground where there is a constant flow of people. The station management need to get a grip on dealing with the passengers, not keep telling us how sorry they are for the problems.

Norman Sterling-Baxter


Spoke to Metro House to ask how you are supposed to get through the barriers at the train station if you had a annual pass. I was advised that they didn't know either as they had not been told either. (This is where I bought my annual pass from). I was then put through to 'Northern'. They advised a member of staff would let you through the barrier if you showed your pass.

When your ticket is up for renewal you would get one that works. So basically everyone with an annual pass is going to be stood in one big long queue trying to get out of the train station. 'They were aware of the problem'. What an absolute joke.

Steve Rawnsley


We're never happy are we? Whilst the introduction of the new barriers has been rather shambolic it will eventually make life a lot easier. In fact it already has - no more shuffling to get through the masses of people waiting to buy a ticket or the ones who insist on walking so slowly past the inspectors!

However for those commuters who pay in advance for their tickets a better system must be introduced than taking your ticket out each day - are there not scanners on the barriers which can read the bar code rather then feeding it through?

Like most things - people don't like change but give them a chance to get things up and running and if in a few weeks time it's still a mess then we need to have a good rant and rave about it.

Rachel - fairly happy commuter!

Rachel Brown


Once the technical glitches have all been ironed out and the barriers are fully operational that's when the real problems will begin.

During the rush hours, thousands of people will be delayed because not everyone will know how to use the barriers.

*Which way round does the ticket go in?

*Does their season ticket work?

*What if the ticket isn't recognised

*Etc, etc

It only takes a few people to hesitate for a few seconds each and the queues will start to build.

The rail company has recently had problems with the same at Blackpool North so why on earth

have they not printed a simple A5 flyer with all the relevant Qs & As and handed them out each

day in the run up to this fiasco? It would have hardly dented the 1.6m they are spending.

name supplied


I am a regular commuter through the station during peak times and although there have been problems initially with the ticket gates Northern Rail staff have been very helpful.

I have a monthly pass with a black magnetic strip on the back, so in my experience the gates are simple to use as you just walk up feed your pass in / take it and walk through. This process in my opinion is alot quicker than waiting to get through the old barrier where people were often trying to find tickets and holding the queue up.

I think however that the relevant organisations should get together and make all passes / cards acceptable for the barriers to help people?s travel through the station.



I travel to Leeds by train every day - I have an annual pass.

It's been chaos every day this week. Half of the time the barriers are switched off - the other half you have to show your pass to a train station employee, who then opens the gate for you.How can that be an improvement.

This morning there was a huge queue of people with annual or monthly passes waiting for two people to open the gates for them. All the other gates were switched off and people were just walking through whether they had tickets or not.

Someone at work said the back gate in the station was open this morning and they were letting passengers out of there to avoid congestion at the barriers - tickets weren't being checked at all for these passengers.

I've heard people talking on our train - they normally buy tickets each day, but they haven't paid at all this week!

If you have an annual pass the tickets obviously don't work the barriers. I don't know what will happen next - I presume that the train company will send us a new one in the post, but no-one has told us yet.

The organisation seems shockingly poor to me.



Chaos! Last night I was shouted at through a mega phone! Staff were rude when I asked how the new system works for me as I have an annual pass. Which incidentally cost me 1,125!

"Take it out of the wallet!!!!" was the reply with a look of disgust.

Do they seriously expect annual pass holders to remove their pass twice a day for a whole year. It will last less than 2 weeks before it's ruined. In the end I had to walk through an open barrier.

This on top of the stress of the actual train journey itself which is seriously overcrowded!!

STEVE CRAGG, Crosshills


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The new barriers at Leeds station are a total shambles. You cannot use your annual pass to get through the barriers! The planning involved, consisted of somebody shouting on a megaphone ordering you to get your tickets out - only then to find out the barriers don't accept your annual pass.

When I asked what was going on - I was told that everybody had been told in the local press that I should have already exchanged my annual pass for a new digital one!!! At least when it does get up and running we won't have to deal with the rude, aggressive staff at the barrier.

This is on top of the dangerously over crowded trains!!!!



I am an annual ticket holder and spent a large amount of money up-front to use the rail service. Given that I cannot use ANY of the automatic gates I find myself struggling to either enter or leave the station. It amazes me that the gates were allowed to commence operation while excluding a significant proportion of commuters being penalised as a result of poor planning. To their credit, however, I have found that rail staff at the station have demonstrated a very positive, helpful and friendly approach to what for them must be a difficult few days.

MARTIN WHITE, Commonside, Batley


Absolutely awful! The publicity in the run up was extremely poor with no indication of when the barriers would come into use - staff in the station had no idea and couldn't advise if season tickets / metro cards would work or not. Tonight I queued for nearly 10 minutes in a pressing crowd to get through, only to find my pass wouldn't work (and then fight my way back out again) - there were very few staff in evidence, those present were as confused as the travellers. I travel in London regularly and have never experienced the chaos I found in Leeds today.



I have an annual Metro pass for both the train and bus, the system with the ticket barriers at Leeds Station is absolutely terrible, as mentioned in previous letters etc., we who have pre paid for a years travel in advance are not on the radar, but if you buy your ticket daily you can now get away with the cost of travel for a full week, as mentioned by Clive in a previous letter. I find this disgusting.

On Wednesday 29th I approached the ticket barriers at the station at approx 20.35pm with pass in hand, a large group of rail employees were standing near the Information desk, I had to shout to attract the attention of a member of staff, and showed my pass, the reply was, "We can't help you," and pointed over to my far right near platform 2.

The Gentleman that let me through the barrier was as mentioned a Gentleman, unlike his colleagues near the Information Desk. Please do not class all rail staff the same, some are genuinely nice and helpful.

Surely when they have had these problems previously (Blackpool North) would it not be logical to assume that people in Leeds may have some of the same problems to deal with, or am I being nave?


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