YEP Letters: September 24

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I don’t consider standing for a nearly 90-year-old woman a case that should be looked at in financial terms (Nick Keer, YEP, September 20).

In my world it is simply a case of humanity, dignity and respect. This simple respect for the elderly is practised in many of the more advanced and not so advanced cultures of the world.

Nick assumes the lady was travelling after 09:30, he also assumes she pays no taxes, either way this should have no bearing in him acting in a civilised manner. Nick is a well-known ageist with his contributions in the YEP. Of course the good thing is, that as Nick continues his fatalistic journey he too will join the aged and infirm.

Let us hope when he becomes ‘Old Nick’ (no pun intended!), he has to pay maximum fares on his beloved public transport even after a lifetime tax contribution. That he too is faced with: people taking up more than one seat, bags and children spread out everywhere, the hissing of earphones, the ringing of iPhones, the feet up on seats. And let us hope they all smirk and ignore him whilst he rolls up and down the aisle.

That is except for the one person at the back with the calculator and watch checking who has paid and who has not before deciding whether to do the right thing or not.

Derek Goodman, Leeds

I write in support of M Tebb (‘No manners on Leeds buses’, YEP, September 18) and condemn the selfish attitude of Nick Keer who obviously does not have any manners apart from bad ones. MTebb is right to expect a little compassion and respect from fellow passengers who quite rightly should give up their seats to the elderly and infirm.

What rotten attitudes there are today, discipline out of the window along with good manners with no respect for the elderly. I hope Mr Keer never becomes disabled or infirm, yes he will grow old and he just might be glad of a seat being given up for him by some younger more able bodied person, but the way things are going in this country, possible not.

Peter Thorpe, Leeds LS1

what a sad person Nick Kerr is. I don’t think he knows what manners are.

I’m an able bodied pensioner so standing on a bus isn’t a problem for me, however I was brought up to show respect to my elders and in my day it was the done thing to give up your seat to an old lady or pregnant woman. I don’t think either courtesy would occur to him. With reference to his comments regarding free travel for pensioners, I wonder what his attitude will be if he ever grows old enough to be on a pension and limited income.

Get a life Mr Kerr.

Mick Robinson, Guiseley

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with M Tebb regarding manners (or lack of them) on buses. But has anyone noticed how large shopping trolleys are taking over bus seats?

I recently asked a lady if she could remove her trolley but was barraged with a load of grunts and groans.

She was not well pleased!

Mrs J Bellamy, Oulton

Stop EU trade deal with US

DAVID CAMERON likes to portray himself as defender of British sovereignty in dealings with the EU. But at the same time, he is pushing for a trade deal between the EU and the US which hands our sovereignty over to multinational companies.

This deal would allow big companies to sue governments, including ours, over decisions that might affect their future profits. Similar deals already in operation have led to the Egyptian government being sued for introducing a minimum wage, and the Australian government being sued for deciding cigarettes should be sold in plain packaging.

Our government should be able to make decisions in the interests of the people, without fear of being hit for billions of pounds by a company that doesn’t like the decision. I’m campaigning with the World Development Movement to stop the EU-US trade deal. It’s a campaign we need to win, for the sake of our democracy.

Gina Kirby, Pudsey

Remove wolves from the flock

I THOUGHT that when our new bishop was to be appointed we would be treated to the usual pious platitudes and blandishments (YEP, September 17).

He says he “...can only hope to build on his predecessor’s firm foundation”. This is worthy of Ken Dodd.

This “firm legacy” is an impoverished parish; having to close churches, and threaten to end its liturgical music tradition. All due to falling church attendances the costly (£750,000) organ renovation, the ruinous and costly (£1m) re-ordering of the sanctuary.

Even worse, the neglectful failure to teach the fullness of the faith in schools and the refusal over 25 years to obey the successor of St Peter (whom they pretend to honour) in his request for the Tridentine Latin mass to be made widely, freely available. This is like the man who built his foundations on sand; on novelty, pluralism, and innovation, and not on the rock of faith.

Let us hope and pray the Lord soon removes the wolves from the diminishing flock.

Paul Kilroy, Lawnswood

F-Club went to different venues

R Bates (YEP, September 20) can be forgiven for not remembering the location of Leeds’s legendary F-Club because the punk night went through quite a few venues. Starting off at Leeds Poly in 1977, the F-Club moved on to the Ace of Clubs in Woodhouse, Cosmo in Chapeltown and Brannigans in town, at least.

Promoter John Keenan put on a 35th anniversary event with Penetration at the Brudenell Social Club a couple of years back, so let’s hope he’s planning something for 2017. The music scene in Leeds would certainly have been a much poorer place over the past four decades without John’s efforts.

Tony Harcup, Leeds (F-Club membership number 188)

High price of creating jobs

HOW MUCH does it cost to create a job? I ask this after reading that a Grade 2 listed building at Hyde Park has been renovated with a £1.8m funding package from HSBC towards the cost of it.

Granted, it will provide up to 40 jobs and the building had not been in use for four years, and as a nursery for up to 163 children it seems a worthy project, but it is still something like £50,000 per job.

AE Hague, Harehills

Scots didn’t fall for myths

Nobody in England wanted you to leave “The Union”. Alex Salmond and his cronies peddled myths in order to manipulate the vote, thankfully the Scots’ saw through this and he was left with haggis on his face! He had the good grace to resign when he was proven to be totally useless but I get the impression that Nicola Sturgeon will bang on for years, better than getting a proper job I suppose, but someone really should tell her that the wheels have fallen off!

Send out the clowns?

Jack Banner, Leeds

Change channel

Malcolm Nicholson moans and carps about the quality of television programmes.

If he is dissatisfied with a particular program, why does he not switch over to the other side. I am sure that millions who do watch are entertained and if the program is that bad, it would not be put on in the first place. There are hundreds of channels to watch and if all else fails, does he not have an OFF switch?

Mel Smart, Farsley

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