YEP Letters: March 26

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Like most hard working families often trying to make ends meet, I am always looking for a bargain.

I’ve been doing that all my life. It was never a problem in the old days for families that could afford it to take their kids out of school during term time to enjoy a holiday. So what’s changed? I cant help but think it is just to improve school attendance records and provide better statistics.

Who are these people in our lives dictating to us, what we can and cannot do? To say “every single day is precious and to take even half a day out of school at any age has a huge impact”. Impact on what? Don’t talk ridiculous, everyone deserves an affordable holiday at least once a year, and that includes kids, even if it is in term time. The majority of kids would benefit hugely from a good family holiday break, as do the parents.

I could understand it if the kids were taking time out to holiday on their own with their mates or if they were children that are often out of school for whatever reason, but target them, not the silent majority.

So a day sick here and there has no impact! Strikes have no impact? The teacher being absent has no impact and teacher training days during the school week has no impact? They get enough school holidays - why don’t you get them to do the training days in their own time, not force the kids to take a day out and up to five a year? They could use this time towards a great family break!

All families should be able to take their kids out for two weeks a year, providing their kids have worked hard and done well at school, not had excessive time off already during the year, and that it doesn’t impact on or affect any exams, and have the ability to blend back in with the minimum of disruption.

Drop this ridiculous threat to families so they can book and enjoy their cheap holiday. If it’s attainment they are concerned about you only have to look over the Channel to get ideas why pupils are failing or over in some of the Asian 
countries where school is taken really seriously by the 
pupils, leaving us way 

P Stead, Leeds

Resorts quieter in term time

WITH REFERENCE to your article (YEP, March 21) regarding the fines parents face for taking children on holiday in term time, I have considered the pros and cons and tried to look at the situation from both sides.

I decided that I would take the decision to face the fine and holiday during term, from a cost point of view but also as resorts tend to be quieter than in peak summer periods. Children learn from new experiences so I don’t feel my children’s education would suffer too much.

What infuriates me is the viewpoint that according to the teaching profession and Jancis Andrews is quoted in your article as saying “every single school day is precious - even just half a day out of school at any age can have a huge impact on a child’s learning and future potential” - so why then are most teachers in our local area striking this week?

Will the children’s education not suffer on that day?

It is a hypocritical, selective stance if you ask me.

Mrs Hay, by email

Building should be refurbished

I am just reading your article about the demolition, proposed demolition, of the old former Yorkshire Evening Post building.

I think that demolition and rebuilding would cost a fortune.

I think that is if it was refurbished and turned probably into a shopping centre or alternatives it would be more viable than demolition and rebuilding.

MR J B Carder, Bridlington

Tell us your movements

GOT A question about your bowels that you’re just too embarrassed to ask? Tell us!

We know that many people suffer in silence because they are too embarrassed to talk about their poo, and yet constipation and other bowel worries affect millions of people.

We want the nation to be more open and willing to talk about their poo and to discuss health concerns as soon as they appear.

So we have formed a partnership with constipation brand Dulcolax to answer people’s bowel health questions and get everyone talking.

This month, we’re urging everyone to visit and submit the questions they’ve always been too embarrassed to ask.

Don’t worry, it’s anonymous, but we’ll put the most asked queries to our panel of health experts and update the site with practical tips and advice. Get in touch! Let’s get talking!

Unusual or unexpected changes in going to the loo should be discussed with your GP, as the earlier the diagnosis, the easier the treatment.

If you’re worried you can also contact us for advice and support

Mark Flannagan, CEO of Beating Bowel Cancer

No lessons needed here

I FIND it hugely ironic that English is going to be taught as a “foreign/second” language according to your headline (YEP, March 24) when the Malaysian Transport Minister speaks better English than most people I encounter under the age of 30.

R Kimble, by email

Hunslet is in the celebrations

MAY I respond to the recent letter from B Raftery?

The celebrations that are being planned throughout this year for the 150th Anniversary of Rugby in Leeds certainly include Hunslet, as well as Bramley, all the schools 
and community teams in the area - of both codes - and even 
those that have, over the years, ceased to be.

I was delighted to be amongst those who kicked off the celebrations yesterday at Woodhouse Moor and to find myself talking to some of the greats from the glory days of Hunslet, including “Ginger” Burnell who at 90+ years old is still as bright as the Hunslet badge he was so proudly wearing.

You also won’t find anyone more supportive of Hunslet than the President of Leeds RL, another wonderful nonagenarian, Harry Jepson.

Our next event is a lunch for ex-players of Leeds, Hunslet or Bramley on Saturday 29 
March and tickets are still available so come along and support your club - whichever one it is!

There will also be some terrific displays of memorabilia throughout the year at Leeds Libraries and Museums that will feature as many teams as we can find - more details on the Leeds Rugby Foundation website.

Dr Neil Kaiper-Holmes, chairman, Leeds Rugby Foundation, Rugby League Foundation of the Year 2013

When can we have our say?

LEFT WING warmongers are a mass of contradictions.

They say they’re in favour of “democracy,” when in fact they are apologists for a naked coup d’état against an elected government by an armed mob.

The unelected Ukrainian “president” was welcomed in the White House, while the elected President was in Moscow.

Has there been a reversal in the two country’s ideologies?

Whether people consider it right or wrong, the majority of the people in Crimea had a wish to be governed by Russia.

The referendum in Crimea was set up, organised and done within a fortnight. Why can’t the three stooges Cameron, Clegg and Miliband offer the people of this country the same opportunity?

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

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