Wrong site chosen for new arena

At long last after a careful and exhaustive process Coun Andrew Carter announces the site for the long-awaited Leeds arena.

A shock, it's not one of the two shortlisted sites but Clay Pit Lane. It's near the city centre, vital if it's to succeed.

But then its goes wrong. Coun Carter states the site benefits from great public transport links. What!

Let's think it through.

Nowhere near the motorway network. (The other two rejected sites are).

Nowhere near the bus stations.

Nowhere near the train station.

It is of course near the inner ring road accessible via the Armley Gyratory roundabout.

That's alright then. Several thousand extra vehicles passing this way at the same time is bound to work!

Whether the council likes it or not, for the arena to be a success it has to be accessible by car with parking included, especially if it wants to attract people from outside the area.

At the beginning of the selection process an area off Shannon Street off the A64 was considered. This is close to the bus stations.

Various council blueprints that have come and gone over the years have suggested a train halt here serving Quarry Hill. As it's also near the new M1 link road and inner ring road extension a park- and-ride scheme could serve it.

But then having taken such a long time to come to a decision employing legions of consultants and council officers Leeds City Council is bound to be right! Or perhaps not.

Richard Naylor, Leeds 15

The only shock regarding this announcement is the utter lack of information.

Have Coun Carter and his cronies really spent months of consultation and analysis to release a statement regarding location and nothing more? What incredible value for money, a child with a map and a drawing pin could have done that. I can only assume that the arena – with its emphasis being on the location close to 'studentland' – will cater purely for music. There was a real opportunity to have a multi-purpose leisure facility incorporating a music arena, ice rink and modern swimming bath with slides/wave pool. But no, we'll have to travel to Doncaster for this kind of facility. God forbid Leeds should have the audacity to compete with the ambition and foresight of a city like Doncaster.

Coun Carter is naive and shortsighted in his vision, and Leeds deserves better. He's a clever man though, making the announcement at the same time Carlsberg-Tetley dropped their bombshell. Keep it under the radar, eh Andrew. Good work!

Carl Carritt, Garforth, Leeds

YEP Letters: November 20