Our strange encounter

Having read Mr C Delonge's letter (YEP, March 5) regarding UFOs, I would like to confirm that my wife and I both witnessed a sighting at the same time. I was just coming up my garden path at about 9pm and in the distance I could see a plane's landing lights facing my direction. Looking to the east I could also see a red and white glow of some other craft coming in my direction.

As it got closer and overhead, I realised it was very low-travelling, fairly fast but not making any sound at all, so I asked the wife to confirm what I was observing and then a second craft, just the same like a throbbing red and white light with no sign of wings came on the same flight path, heading west.

Mr P Walls, Kelmscott Gardens, Leeds

PA Photo/thinkstockphotos.

YEP Letters: September 22