Lifesaver's advice

During the early 80s, I was in Killingbeck Hospital for six weeks. The the pioneering children's heart surgeon and former Yorkshireman of the Year, Duncan Walker, removed a tumour from my lung and saved my life.

Once, whilst doing his rounds, I enquired as to when I might be able to go home and he reminded me (in no uncertain terms) how lucky I was to be alive.

Hospital food is very peripheral. In most instances, once you are able to enjoy the meal and savour the taste, you are probably fortunate enough to be well again!

M Cheseldine (aged 49), Meanwood, Leeds

I recently spent two weeks in the Chancellor Wing of St James Hospital. We had a menu and I found the food very good.

We had a choice of cereal for breakfast and bread, jam or marmalade, tea or coffee. In the middle of the morning the trolley came with assorted sandwiches, at 12 midday we had a hot meal (the baked potatoes with a filling were lovely). In the afternoon we had tea and buns and at 5pm another hot meal.

At around 9pm we have either Ovaltine or Horlicks. Perhaps the Lincoln Wing had a different caterer!

Mrs H Soar, Leeds

YEP Letters: November 20