Letter: Was it some sort of ritual?

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I read with interest of the dead rabbits found in trees near Wetherby recently, as in November 2010, whilst cycling with a friend on the foot/cyclepath that runs between Wetherby and Spofforth I spotted a dead rabbit in a tree at roughly chest height.

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A few metres further on was another dead animal and we continued to find carcasses suspended from branches on either side of the trail, all within close proximity to each other – numbering perhaps 4-5 in total and including a rabbit, chicken, crow and hare. Due to the obviously deliberate placing of a number of animals at the same height and so close to each other, the only valid reason I could come up with was that this was part of some sort of ritual. The recent discovery of an almost identical occurance tends to reinforce my belief.

S K Ellis, Eastend Park, Leeds

PC Tom White (left) and Pc Jordan Howson having been given Award for saving the life of 53 year old man, at Pudsey Police Station..11th May 2017 ..Picture by Simon Hulme

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