Letter: Geese should not be culled

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I would imagine John Rudge-Priestley (Letters, January 4) would support a cull on motorists each year for safety reasons.

Our overcrowded, unsafe roads and dangerous drivers account for thousands of unnecessary deaths to fellow human beings every year. I’m sure the humane removal of the less able drivers would fall in line with Mr Rudge-Priestley’s safety policy.

Has he ever thought that humans were given legs and birds were given wings for a reason?

The majority of human beings do not need to be in the sky, risking their lives; most are on their way to drink flat lager and greasy food in a tacky resort thousands of miles from home.

I, too, travel abroad, but I also appreciate the magnificent Canada geese; I don’t expect them to be killed because there is a minuscule chance they will bring my aircraft down on what is, in reality, an unnecessary journey.

It would appear Mr Rudge-Priestley is just another selfish person that thinks the planet revolves around human beings.

The human race is halfway to destroying the planet and its inhabitants, I’m sure the likes of Mr Rudge-Priestley will finish the job.



YEP Letters: November 16