Incinerator plans must go ahead

Here we go again...we now have Councillor Mick Lyons giving us his unqualified opinion on the proposed incinerator.

Stories are flying around East Leeds, mainly instigated by the Labour opposition. The latest one is that they are going to demolish Neville Close and half of Osmondthorp Lane to build a rail link – what nonsense.

The only misgiving I have about the incinerator is the siting of it.

The ideal spot is the front runner, the site of the old Skelton Grange power station.

People have got into their heads that an incinerator would be like the ones that were on Stanley Road and Meanwood Road, giant chimneys, pumping clouds of pollution into the air, no such thing.

Before any firm decision is made, Leeds Council should send a fact finding all-party delegation to a state-of-the-art facility at Newark, New Jersey. It burns a thousand tons of waste each day, producing enough electricity to light up Manhattan Island.

The smoke from this incinerator passes up three 90ft chimneys through hydrated lime filters, all that comes out of top is white steam.

We can go into the 21st century without having to look for more landfill sites, which themselves cause greenhouse gas pollution in the form of methane.

So instead of burying our heads in landfill like a bunch of ostriches, let's head for greener future with a modern, non-polluting incinerator.

Mr J Mccormack, Leeds 9

While it is all very well for Coun Lyons to stand on his soapbox and declare he is against an incinerator being situated in East Leeds, perhaps he would like to share with us exactly where he thinks it should be sited.

Maybe he is just in favour of it being in someone else's back yard or perhaps he knows of some nice green field site which is available and that he is not telling us about. Surely the fact is that we are all culpable of producing this waste (including him) and it needs to go somewhere other than in landfill sites (which are almost full).

As I understand it these new generation incinerators are not the toxic fume belching dirty beasts of the past and when burned, the rubbish is turned into energy for homes, hospitals, and businesses.

The fact that senior members of his own party see this as a viable solution to be considered, seems to put him in conflict with them and other more forward-thinking people.

As for the thousands of lorries congesting our roads in East Leeds, well, haven't we had years of a Labour administration building up a system of getting waste to local landfill sites without consulting the public, at least now we have a consultation process, so let us be more fair minded and listen to all the plans.

Elizabeth Hayes, Temple Newsam, Leeds

Leeds City Train Station. Picture Tony Johnson

YEP Letters: October 13