George’s windfall, our loss

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Hopefully most people will see that a direct tax on oil and gas producers will be paid by the consumers.

It is incredible that a man can announce – almost triumphantly – that he is levying a tax on fuel producers and within 24 hours he admits he has “no power” to prevent the same producers from increasing prices.

“We are all in this together”, except perhaps the shareholders who made the right bet on the Stock Exchange.

Truly, it may be better to be lucky than rich, but the best thing is to be both lucky and rich.

Money, like any seed, needs moisture (the sweat from toil) for it to produce good fruit.

J S Lowe, Leeds 8

Armed Police at Headingley before the England v South Africa, after the Manchester Terror Attacks....24th May 2017 ..Picture by Simon Hulme

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