Another UFO sighting

IN response to Mr Ossit's letter ('Unexplained flying object', YEP, December 3). I, too, witnesed lights over Leeds.

On Saturday, November 30 at around 7.30pm I was going outside to put some rubbish in the bin when I gazed up to the north-west, toward Roundhay Park, and noticed three lights in formation heading towards us. They were candlelight in colour and brighter than any star out that night.

As the lights moved towards us on a completely clear night they began to turn towards McDonald's. As they turned, another light appeared fom nowhere and continued along the same path.

This pattern happened about three times until about six or maybe seven lights had appeared then they turned and vanished, apart from the last one which seemed to be going slightly faster than the rest and undercut them on the inside of their turn as if taking a short cut.

This light then carried on over the local Co-op towards central Leeds. Their was no noise and no flashing lights at all.

All my family witnessed it and so did my mother and sister who live at the bottom of our street. Did any one else see the Leeds lights?

Jimmy Beeston, Hollin Park Road, Oakwood, Leeds

YEP Letters: September 23