You decide Sam’s fate in YEP Scary Story writing competition

Halloween is on its way

Halloween is on its way

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Budding young writers could have their own gruesome tale published in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

We have teamed up with Aldi to launch the second YEP Scary Story competition, where we ask children aged 16 and under to finish off write 300 words of petrifying prose to win a Halloween goodie bag and have their work printed.

All you need to do is finish off our short story with 300 carefully chosen words that will leave readers with a fright.

Entries must be emailed to titled ‘YEP Scary Story’ and give the entrants, name, age and contact details before Tuesday October 28 at 5pm.

You can also post entries to Jonathan Brown, Editorial, Yorkshire Evening Post, No1 Leeds, 26 Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS12 1BE.

“An eerie calm filled the air on a cold, dark night in Leeds – it was Halloween.

The deserted street was dimly lit from the flickering streetlights above, the thin evening mist making it hard to see much more than a few yards ahead, leaving the squelching echo of Sam’s footsteps on the harsh, rain-sodden tarmac below the only sound for company.

The temperature is falling, the chill of the October night is pinching at Sam’s skin as his warm breaths instantly freeze and blend into the misty atmosphere.

Suddenly he hears a noise in the distance. His ears strain and eyes widen as he senses it slowly coming closer, and closer. Sam holds his breath, stops and turns to find...”

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