YEP Says, November 26: We all have a part to play in weeding out would-be terrorists

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...and the ballot box is the best place to register discontent with politicians

THERE is a growing sense that the West now finds itself at a crossroads in dealing with the threat posed by Islamic extremists both at home and abroad.

The time has come for decisive action that confronts the so-called Islamic State and those who would spread terror in its name.

It is worrying then that the Parliamentary inquiry into the murder of soldier Lee Rigby has exposed gaping holes in the security services’ capacity to keep the British public safe.

Though his killers Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale had featured in no fewer than seven intelligence investigations, and Adebowale had expressed his intent to kill a soldier during an online conversation, the report concluded that Fusilier Rigby’s murder could not have been prevented.

In such cases, internet companies have a moral duty to pass on such information to the security agencies. If they refuse to meet this obligation, then legislation must be brought in that compels them to do so.

With MI5 and MI6 having finite resources, and police stretched to the limit, the collection of local level intelligence has never been more vital.

It means every member of society must play a part, with the onus being on law-abiding members of the Muslim communities to recognise their resonsibility to play a frontline role in identifying would-be extremists before they engage in terror here or abroad.

Ballot box is the best place to register discontent with politicians

IT’S tempting to wonder about the motive behind the ‘Wanted’ posters that have sprung up questioning the whereabouts of south Leeds councillors.

Is this mischief-making on the part of a political rival? Or genuine concern as to the quality of representation the area is receiving?

For their part, the councillors concerned insist that although they don’t live in the City and Hunslet ward, they are there on a regular basis.

Ultimately, however, it is up to the voters themselves to decide whether they are happy with their local councillors – and if they’re not they need to voice their displeasure at the ballot box.

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