YEP Says: Better judgement needed over bus lane camera fines

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THE row over bus lane cameras in Leeds looks set to intensify with the news that six more are to be added to routes across the city.

THE row over bus lane cameras in Leeds looks set to intensify with the news that six more are to be added to routes across the city.

The reason such devices are so controversial is because the public – specifically motorists – question the motivation behind their installation.

The official line is that vehicles using the lanes when they’re not meant to slows down the city’s public transport system.

However, the fact that the council made more than £3m in three years from those that are already in place clouds the issue in some people’s minds.

Two points need to be made. The first is that there is justification for cameras to be mounted on bus lanes for the simple reason that too many drivers show little or no respect for road laws. Signs alone will not dissuade them, but fines might.

The problem lies in the fact that drivers who end up in the bus lanes simply because they are not used to the road system or are directed there because of a road closure or to make way for an emergency vehicle are also being fined.

As the number of bus lane cameras increases, so the council’s enforcement teams must show greater judgement when it comes to using their discretion. Support for these cameras will increase if the authorities become better at differentiating between these two distinct types of motorist.

Josh moves a step closer to taking on the world

JOSH Warrington may not have managed to put Dennis Tubieron on the canvas, but his performance in front of a passionate hometown crowd at the Leeds Arena was still a knockout.

The Leeds fighter admitted he got a bit bored during his one-sided points win on Saturday night.

But the fans didn’t feel that way and celebrated the fact that the impressive win takes the European champion another step closer to the world title shot he deserves.

And wouldn’t it be great if Josh could grab that world belt on another rollicking night in his home city?

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