YEP Says, April 3: Was it worth the gamble to release Maureen’s killer?

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THE concern felt by the family of Maureen Comfort at the fact that her killer has gone on the run is easy to understand.

THE concern felt by the family of Maureen Comfort at the fact that her killer has gone on the run is easy to understand.

William Kerr has visited unimaginable suffering on them in the years since he murderered Maureen 20 years ago and hid her body in a cupboard in her Leeds flat.

Knowing that this man is now on the loose is surely a source of great anger and upset to them.

Yet emotional responses apart, what they say in today’s YEP needs to be heard – not least by the authorities.

Maureen’s neice, Senga Bailey, insists the fact that he has absconded does not come as a much of a surprise.

Having attended his probation hearing six months ago, where Kerr was told he would be released from prison on licence at the start of this year, she knew this was exactly what he would do.

The question is, if she was so convinced that Kerr wouldn’t stick to the terms of his release, why weren’t the authorities? After all, he’s gone on the run before.

The probation system exists for a reason – we have to give convicted criminals the chance to redeem themselves or the prisons would be even fuller than they are.

But was the gamble to release William Kerr from a well-deserved life sentence really one that was worth taking?

Let’s shine again on world stage

LAST summer the eyes of the world were on Leeds as the planet’s greatest cyclists set off from Leeds Town Hall at the start of the iconic Tour de France.

The inaugural Tour de Yorkshire which starts exactly one month today may not quite rival that in terms of prestige, but it’s still set to showcase this city and the rest of the county in the grandest style.

TV pictures of the event will be beamed to more than 100 countries and, once again, it’s important we show the enthusiasm and passion that was so impressive last time round.

Let’s not disappoint our audience.

YORKSHIRE'S FINEST: (L-R) Rosie Summers, Leeds Young Persons Film Festival; Dave 0, Studio 12; Jez Colborne, Mind the Gap; Summer Knight, Location Runner for Victoria; Shay Moradi, Running the Halls; Maariah Hussain, Ackley Bridge; Moshin Ahmad, True North; Miles Watts, One&Other; Richard Orillo;  Oliver Semple, Monster Island Films; Hugh Mann Adamson, Let There Be Light Productions; Suman Hanif, Documentary Maker; Sarah Broadbent, Orillo.

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