West Yorkshire: Fewer animals need rescuing across region

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west Yorkshire’s reputation as a hotbed for animal cruelty is improving, the YEP can reveal.

The RSPCA rescued 4,664 animals across the county following reports of alleged animal cruelty.

That figure is down on the previous year when officers from the charity saved 4,826 animals from around West Yorkshire.

Officers investigated almost 160,000 cruelty complaints in Wales and England last year, which is a rise of more than 10 per cent compared to 141,280 in 2009.

But in the north of England the charity rescued and collected 32,712 animals last year compared to 34,391 in 2009.

The figures have been released during RSPCA Week.

Over the last year the charity has had to rescue fewer animals and it also saw a decrease in the number of animals that needed to be rehomed.

Martin Marsh, RSPCA regional superintendent for the North of England, said: “It is thanks to the commitment and dedication of our officers that they managed to investigate so many complaints and rescue so many animals, especially given the treacherous weather we had in the early and latter parts of the year.

“Offering welfare advice is a crucial part of the work of the RSPCA since the Animal Welfare Act came into law in 2007.

“It enables our officers to actually prevent cruelty by issuing owners with advice on how to care for and treat their animals.

“Over nine out of ten owners chose to follow the advice rather than risking prosecution, which is always a last resort as far as the RSPCA is concerned.”

RSPCA regional manager for the North of England Mike Hogg added: “The RSPCA is and has always been pro-active in preventing cruelty and suffering to animals.

“This is why it is such an achievement that more than 90 per cent of animal owners chose to follow the welfare advice offered by our officers.

“We’re sharing these figures this week, as part of RSPCA Week, so that our supporters can see what we have achieved.”

For more information about the charity, visit: www.rspca.org.uk

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